Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday's Song

I loved this group back in high school.   I love this song (not from high school days), the song reminds me why I loved them so much back then.  Their voices just sound great with one another. 
 Call Me Mellow... I can listen to this one over and over.  I have to say, it is definitely on my top 20 of all time songs.  I just love it!!!
Below is another song from the same album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

Now from one back in high school days!  This was tough because I love so many of their songs.  If you are not from my generation, you should check them out on Youtube.  I loved the entire album (cassette I owned) of Songs From the Big Chair




  1. I like Tears For Fears too! I wonder whatever happened to them.

    1. After they got back together in 2004 and made their new album... no clue now.


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