Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy List

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It is Tuesday, which mean it is time to put up the Happy List.  Would you like to join in????  The sweet Ricki Jill host this little party every Tuesday over at Art @ Home.  Check it out!

I am feeling really good about my new job, although we were given some news that is making me nervous.  My group who came through the first round of training, well we were rushed and had no actual examples to look at and well, some made a lot of mistakes so much that our client decided to hold off the roll out of the next group of stores.  They held them back for 2 weeks.  Now we will have a refresher for an hour and a quiz over the material following the refresher.  WE have to pass with 90% in order to keep the job.  (I do not know if this should be on a HAPPY List.)  I think I will be fine if I get to use my notes.  I am HAPPY with the job though.

I am HAPPY that Taj's party is over.  I ached for two days after from all the crafting and decorating the cupcakes.  I can not wait to post about his party this Thursday.  I am so HAPPY just thinking about sharing it with you all.  I think the decorations turned out great!  I have posted those yesterday in three different blogs.  I loved the cupcakes.  People commented that they looked like a bakery did them.  Thinking about that day just makes me so HAPPY!  Here is a couple of sneak images...

 prior to the shredded paper and crape paper being added.

 This is the view from our porch.  I took the screen out to take this picture.  I loved the view.  My lilac bush blooming was a special HAPPY too!  It made it smell heavenly and many guest mentioned it as well.  This is just part of our yard.  You can see a distinct line in the grass where our yard ends, the triangle piece there is the associations.  You can barely see my butterfly garden which is blooming too.

I love it when Todd and I sit on the bed or lay on the bed and just read.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY  It is one of my favorite things to do with him.

We started to talk about an actual vacation for this Summer.  I am thrilled with this because I feared we would not have one due to my new job.  The possibilities he has been tossing out makes me HAPPY!

What do you have to be happy about?



  1. I'm a newbie to the Happy List link up. I'm excited to see more from this birthday party! So much crafting that you hurt for 2 days after- SIGN ME UP! :)

  2. Jolene! I've never seen your back garden from your view before. It's so pretty, and your lawn is huge! Wow, no wonder you wanted to have a party there. You are one lucky duck to have such a pretty (level) place for a party!!!

    Our internet was down yesterday afternoon, so I'm just now visiting everyone. I need to read your other posts about the party. I'll get caught-up this afternoon!

    You'll do well on your test. You've got this! I'll send a little prayer your way, too!


  3. Yay for a great job, even if it's a little stressful now! :)


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