Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here are my happy things...

I do not think I ever posted a picture of my new curtains for my small living room I am updating.  Well it used to look like this. (After I painted the walls Canary Grass Green)


Last weekend Todd finally put up my curtain tie back and now it looks like this.

My new curtains makes me HAPPY and so does our new love seat I never posted.  I picked up new throw pillows too the week of Taj's party.  I just love them.  They compliment the color of the walls and the love seat.

I am loving the new look and can not wait to finish it. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

I am also happy I planted my planters, I did not plant all of them but all that I planted are going to be it this year.  I have 4 more that are empty and put away this year.  This planter usually has begonias in it but I wanted a little different look.  I went with Impatiens, Vinca Vines, couple of Petunias, and a few Sempervivum.
I wish I cleaned off the edge of the pot before I took this picture.
This is my new pot.  I am loving this one a lot and can not wait to see everything grow in it.  I planted many different sizes of Sempervivum (a.k.a hens and chicks), Celosia (volcano), red Coleus, and Cerastium.


My other container is not too pretty.  It is a wash tub that used to be my grandmother's.  It is an experiment so we will see.  I did plant some Gladiola bulbs in it and they are sprouting.  I might end up planting more bulbs in this container in the future.

Flowers make me HAPPY.  Here are some pictures I took from my gardens this past weekend:

My rose bush has so many roses it became top heavy.

However I had a trellis I was not using yet until now.  I just love it.

My rose bush makes me HAPPY
Our backyard garden makes me HAPPY too.

I will post more about it this Thursday.

What do you have to be happy about?



  1. Wow, your garden is really coming along! Your containers look great. I'm posting photos of mine tomorrow. I took some photos in between rain showers. It's been raining a lot here lately!

    Your living room is looking so pretty. I like how your colors in your pillows help coordinate everything. Green is a good color for a family room because it's so soothing!

    Thanks for linking-up!


  2. Wow- your flowers are BRIGHT! I love that they're blooming in abundance...and the curtains are swagtastic. :)

  3. The cushions are the perfect compliment to your sofa, walls, and curtains - looking good! I love your planters. I forgot about putting hens-and-chickens in planters. I saw it last year and really liked it and meant to do it this year, but forgot. Sigh. Oh well, I'll have to try it next year as I think they look great. Your garden is looking beautiful.

    Just popped over from Ricki Jill's Happy List post.

  4. I love flowers too and yours are so pretty! Especially love the rose bush. I can hear your enthusiasm on how much fun you are having watching them grow. It's not only beautiful on the outside, but your inside is beautiful too. Love your curtains and love seat. They are so inviting. I imagine your company really loved being at your home for Taj's party.


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