Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here are my happy things...

My other Asiatic Lilies are beginning to bloom in my favorite flower garden.  This makes me HAPPY!

 I was able to go to our Community Garden plot on Sunday and took pictures of our garden and a couple of different gardens I found pretty.  I will post about our other garden on Thursday but here is my favorite from our other garden.  I just love the two colors of the cabbage, plus they look great!  Our gardens make me HAPPY!

Summer Sunday's makes me HAPPY!  I love Sunday typically, I do not know why but it has always been my favorite day, but the past eight Summer's Sunday also means sand volleyball.  I have not been able to play the last three years do to my knees.  The first year not playing was tough on me.  I went and watched.  It was also the first year Joshua started to play.   Last Summer it was easier sitting and watching.  I think I just came to accepting it.  Joshua was out East and Matthew played instead.  This Summer is different, both boys are playing and I have someone to sit and enjoy the games with me.  Matthew's girlfriend.  What a great way a Mom can get to know her son's girlfriend.  I love Summer Sunday's because I get to see Matthew more.

 Todd (The Captain) serving
 Matthew hitting the ball over the net.
 Todd diving for the ball, notice near the top of one of the trees, 
he saved the play, the ball went over the net.
 Another rally saved by Matthew
 Joshua (the one in the white-We still need to get him a team shirt, finally made it.  He missed part of the first game.)
 My older two boys waiting for the server to get ready on the other team.
 Joshua getting ready to serve.
 Todd and Matthew
 All three of my guys.
 While waiting for the next team.  I tried to get a picture of both boys by just pointing and shooting without looking in the lens.  I missed Joshua completely but the oldest, Matthew was being a stinker.  I also ended up getting his girlfriend here, Hannah Willow.  Sorry Hannah, I know you did not want your picture taken.
 The first two great things I accomplished in my life.
 Second set of games, different court. 
This picture I took a snap of the boys giving one another high five, only Todd threw up his hands too because the boys saved the play.  He even yelled, "Yeah and there are the Titler boys!" Okay, since he was cheering for his step sons I will forgive him for ruining my shot.

Most of our team are older players.  They all in some way work for the city or related in some way to someone who works for the city.  My boys are the young ones and I think they are happy they have young ones on the team at times.  We do not always win, but our goal is to never be shut out.  In eight years we have never been shut out, it felt like it at times but we always get at least one point.  We are DEFINITELY not in competition for the Olympics by no means.  Our team plays for fun and enjoying one another.  I just love Sundays!

Oh, another thing that made me HAPPY was we made a final decision on our vacation plans.  I am totally thrilled with this. See last year was an awesome vacation and with me taking a new job and a major pay cut, I did not think we were going to have much of a vacation but Todd has managed to put some in savings for our vacation.  This year we will be driving west, well north west.  Our destination will be Mount Rushmore and then Yellowstone National Park.  I am going to be able to cross more off of my bucket list after this vacation for sure.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

What do you have to be happy about? 



  1. Your flowers are beautiful! And that volleyball game looked like fun!

  2. My husband and I met over a volleyball game! It's such a fun way to spend family time. It's obvious you are crazy over your boys and girlfriend. Isn't it great being a mom? Love the lillies. What is a community garden?

  3. Oh, wow! What fun vacation plans! :D Volleyball sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I think it's neat that y'all spend time together as a family (even with girlfriends) like you do.

    LOVE the photos from the game. :D YOu'll be out there next summer.



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