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Literary Friday ~ The Anniversary

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Friday Ricki Jill from Art @ Home host Literary Friday and this week I am going to link up.  One of the books I read this week was The Anniversary by the author Samantha Jillian Bayaar.

The Anniversary

Have you ever wished you could relive your life and make changes?  You know a do over?  Let's face it, most of us wish or have thought, "Wow, if only I knew what I know now, I would have done this." or "If only I could do that over, I would not make the same mistake."  Well this is exactly what the main character felt like with her marriage.  Sam and Sadie Marie have been married for 50 years and the couple were celebrating their anniversary.  Their marriage was just the motions, they had grown apart from one another.  Sam was throwing an anniversary party at the ballroom where they met 50 years ago.  He tried to decorate it as it was that night and the couple tried to dress as they did back then.  The two argued who asked who to dance first and wished they could go back to that night to prove exactly who asked.  A storm rolled through that night and the lights went out.   Through the dark Sadie Marie could hear her mother calling for her.  Sadie Marie thought she was dreaming because her mother has been gone for many years.  Once the lights came back on she noticed her best friend next to her and she was 18 years old.  She was in shock because her friend had been dead for a few years too.  Suddenly Sadie thought maybe she was not dreaming but perhaps she was dead.  She found Sam but he was hurt and was taken out of the ballroom to the hospital by ambulance.  Sam was younger too.

Sadie Marie realized her wish came true and she went back in time this time she was not going to waste her second opportunity with her life.  Sam was the only boy she ever dated.  She married him the Summer she graduated from high school only a few months after they met. She visited Sam at the hospital and he did not remember her entirely.  He had bits of her in his memory but only when she was around and he was confused too.  Sadie Marie was receiving text messages on her Blackberry from the old Sam asking where she went.  (This part made me a little sad, poor Sam being all alone in the present.) The Blackberry was the only thing that traveled from the past with her.  It was also the only thing which proved to Sadie Marie she was not loosing her mind and proof to both her best friend and Sam she did come from the future.  Sadie Marie never had a job in her entire life with her second chance this was going to be different.  She and her best friends both got a job at the diner as a waitress. Sadie did not want to marry Sam again, she wanted to go to college and date other guys.  She actually did go on a date with an older boy.  She was so excited at first but during the date she started to feel guilty as if she was cheating on Sam. After her date ended she sneaked into the hospital to tell the young Sam how she felt and that it was over. She thought Sam was asleep or unconscious but he heard her.  He felt awful for how he made her feel.  Sadie kept trying to move on but she realized she really wanted to be with Sam because she loved him.  The two went on a date and figured out how Sadie returned to the past.  They both did not want to go back to the future, they wanted to grow old with one another, basically it was Sadie who would grow old again.  This time life would be different for the two.  The story ends at their 50th Anniversary where the two are much happier than her first 50 year marriage.  When asked if she would go back and relive the past 50 years again, she did not want to.  She was happy with Sam and her life.

This book is another quick easy read.  I believe all of Samantha Jillian Bayaar books are.  I enjoyed seeing a different side to her writing.  All the other books I have read from her have been based with the Amish Community.  This one was not.

What have you been reading?


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  1. This sounds like a sweet book, Jolene! I think we'd all like a do-over, but maybe not that drastic!

    Thanks for linking-up to Literary Friday. I'm reading a very dense fantasy right now....I hope I have it read by next Friday!



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