Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Backyard Garden

We love to garden.  We have two good size gardens.  One in our backyard and it will be featured this week.  It is 16 feet x 24 feet.  We also garden 4 tractor tires and typically containers and hanging containers.  This year we did not.  We also have another garden at the City Community Garden.  This garden will be featured next week after I take some pictures.  The second garden is 10 feet x 50 feet.  Todd is going to try to have someone go with him next year so he can get two smaller plots next to one another.  It will be essentially the same amount of space but more square  it will be 20 feet x 25 feet and cost the same.

This is our backyard garden this year.  It is the home of our tomatoes this year.  Last year we had tomato plants in both gardens but we can control the water more in our backyard than the Community Garden and our tomatoes were larger from our backyard garden.  There are so many styles of gardening (click here to see last year's post) and we do not have the type with just soil on the top.  We (mainly meaning Todd here) will lay down corrugated boxes then cut out a section to plant.  Typically he will then (in our backyard garden but he did not do it in this order this year.) lay down the soaker hose.  (Click here to read last year's post about soaker hoses.) Then on top of the soaker hose or no soaker hose as in the case for the Community Garden's garden he will lay down compost.  We garden like this for multiple reasons.  The boxes will be a weed barrier, which means less weeding.  The boxes will keep moisture in the soil, which means less watering and stronger roots.  The boxes will later break down to compost this means enriched soil for next year's garden.  See it is a win win situation.

We have around 35 tomato plants this year.  This is a little more than last year.  24 of the tomato plants are Roma Tomatoes, we also have beef steak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and yellow tomatoes.  This will be our first year growing yellow tomatoes.
Towards the front there are four pepper plants just added.
The back part of our garden lining the fence we have pole beans.  The wet Spring has done wonders for them.

The right side of our garden we have 3 rows of sugar peas.  Unfortunately, the wet Spring has stunted their growth, but the weeds grew a lot.  This section we do not use the boxes.

This picture was taken on May 12th and the radish, well it was doing great, but like the peas they do not handle a lot of water.  We lost nearly all of the crop.

We are trying cauliflower this year for the first time in our garden.  Four plants.  They are doing wonderful!

Where the home of the dead radish, is the new home of cucumbers. Todd planted 4 cucumber plants.  This is in the space of the black landscaping fabric.  He is using this method to keep the weeds at bay.  We actually have cucumbers starting to come through now.  I need to take more pictures this weekend.

In one of our tractor tires, this used to be cucumbers every year, Todd is trying to see if the sugar peas will work since we had such a poor crop.  Near the front he planted one of the hot peppers. If the peas fail, I am in hopes we will try a fall crop of them.

This tractor tire is the home of the two yellow tomato plants.

This tractor tire I think is two cherry tomato plants and a few weeds.  I weeded the darn thing after I took the picture.

Our last tractor tire has onions we left from last year by mistake.  They must have never grew last year after we planted them.  We also have two baby bear pumpkins.

This is what I consider the Toddler years in our garden.  I can not wait to watch the beauty grow.  Trust me, I will definitely post pictures.  I love watching the (pardon the lack of professional words) curly q of the green beans reaching out to climb up.  I love the flowers which will become vegetables.  I just love the different hues of green in the garden. I just love the garden!


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  1. I'm so happy that you posted this. I've been curious about your garden (and envious). I really wish we had the land for one!

    Wow, your cauliflower is really looking great. The crazy weather hasn't affected your plants adversely! YAY!

    I've been told that gardening also burns tons of calories. I'm so proud of you and your weight loss! You need to encourage me, too. I really need to lose more weight!



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