Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Community Garden Plot

We have two vegetable gardens.  The one in our backyard, which I posted last Thursday about and the other is in the City's Community Garden.  A lot of cities have areas where the community can garden, either a church, sometimes some city land.  Here we have both plus the Pioneer Co-Op has land for their members and the University of Iowa has an area they allow alumni or students to garden as well..  The organization will charge a small fee for the use of the plot.  This is great for those who do not have access to a back yard or like us who just love to garden and try to get as much as we can to get us through at least the Fall.  We are very concerned about our gardens this year due to all the rain. We garden at the City's Community Garden.  You have a choice of a large garden 10 x 50 feet for $20 (The gardening season is May through October 1st)  or 10 x 25 feet for $10.  We have one of the larger ones.  The City's Community is located at one of the city parks.  Here is a picture of our plot.  There are plots to the left and right of it as well.

Inside our community garden plot we have a 3 and half rows of peppers.  (We took the fence down in the front because Todd did not make an entrance this year and I could not help water it because of my knee.)

He has added more compost since I took this picture.  I also should have moved his wooden steaks but I was beginning to rain and I wanted to quickly take the pictures.  Behind the rows of peppers we have 4 squash plants, well actually two of them are zucchini plants but he did not mark them so we have no idea what is what at this point. 
However if this bloom is pollinated by the bees we will soon know.  Below is and behind the squash and zucchini we have cucumber plants. 
I am really excited about these.  One is pickling cucumbers and the other is a new type for us yellow cucumbers.  We have a lot of blooms on the cucumbers. 
Another cucumber plant above.  I am praying the cucumber beetles stay away.  The past four years those nasty bugs have wiped out our entire crop of cucumbers.
After the cucumbers we have a rows of brussels sprouts.  This is our first year growing them.  The heads were rather small from all the rain this season.
The next row is headed lettuce.  This is our first year of trying this too.  We typically do loose leave lettuce or gourmet type of lettuce.  We used to have 6 heads but the rabbits ate 3 of them.  Behind the lettuce is a row of cauliflower.  Below is a close up.
Next we have have broccoli, most of the broccoli we have harvest the first bunch. They were rather small in size this year due to all the rain.  Here is a close up of one of the plants we did not harvest yet.  We planted them in stages to have the ready at different weeks.
Behind the broccoli we have a row of cabbage, purple and regular cabbage.  We lost half of them, but here is a close up the two next to one another.  I just love this picture.
Behind the cabbage we have a row of Kohlrabi.  They are doing great and it is our first year growing them.  I need to find some recipes other than adding them to salad or eating them with salt.
The last row is a row of onions then it is our fence and weeds we do not need to take care of behind our fence.  Next year Todd would like for me to take a day off when the garden plots go up for purchase.  He would like to have two small plots next to one another.  He feels it would be easier to garden to small plots (together they would be 20 x 25 ft essentially the same size as the other but more of a square compared to a narrow long rectangle.  Some how I missed taking pictures of our row of egg plants.  We have 5 plants still and one was just beginning to bloom.

What I love about the community garden is seeing the other gardens too.  I love seeing the different styles people garden.  This one is near ours and I think it is pretty with all the colored cages and vegetation.
They do not add any compost to their style of gardening.

See the section of corn?  This guy plants it every year. He gets one of the small plots and only plants sweet corn.

This gardener uses straw between his/her plants.

This style I have never seen before.  They are using wood shavens as a compost.  It is also two small plots next to one another, like Todd wants next year.

We love our gardens and yes they are a lot of work but they do give us much satisfaction.  We harvested two cauliflower plants tonight in our backyard garden.  I can not believe how much growth they had in less than a week.  If you are interested in community gardens, you should check with your city hall, if they do not have one I am sure they have a list of churches or other organizations which have plots available to garden.  Ours does you may be surprised to find out you have them available as well.


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  1. I love community gardens! (we call them Pea Patches out here in Seattle)
    Once we redux our garden, we want to use straw or grass clippings or mulch between our rows, too, to reduce the wind-blown weed seeds that sprout. Wood shavings would definitely smell better, but I'd worry about slugs hiding easily beneath them.
    I hope your gardens are fruitful!


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