Monday, June 10, 2013

Sesame Street Plates

I found these on Pinterest

What a great idea for the party.  There was no tutorial and I have no clue what they used for the additions to the plate but I thought it looked like foam and if it was not it would work and not interfere with food at all.  Kera liked it so I picked up the white foam, black foam and orange foam along with red plates.  We had some blue plates left over from last year's birthday party and I thought we could make Elmo and Cookie Monster.  I made a couple and she loved them.  We then sat down one night and made several white eyes, black pupils and cut the orange nose for Elmo.

The Eyes:
We picked up the foam at Hobby Lobby and we were able to make 17-28 sets of eyes per sheet.   I made the two circles connecting.  I used the Modge Podge lid for my template for the white of the eyes.

The Pupils:
I used small acrylic paint bottle to make my template for the pupils and traced it on the black foam.

Elmo's Eyes:
I free handed an oval to use as a template and we traced it onto the orange foam.

Once all the pieces were cut, we hot glued the pieces together and added them to the top of the plates.  Two nights before the party, Kera mentioned she wanted Oscar plates as well.  We did not start the Oscar plates until after we did the piping to all the cupcakes except for Big Bird. ( I will post a picture of them on Thursday's post.)  I think it was after midnight the night before the party when we finally started to cut out the pieces and I made Oscar's brows.  If I had to make them again, I would have made them  like the pom pom or like the centerpieces but at midnight I was worn out, scratch that WE were worn out.  Here is how our plates turned out.


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