Monday, June 24, 2013

Something Died In Our Garage

Have you every had one of those days when you thought you were going to have so many things checked off your To Do List but something NOT planned came and smacked you in the face throwing everything out of whack? Seriously Saturday was one of those days.  I woke up early thinking this is going to be a great day.  I am going to get my shopping done and then craft.  It was going to be a carefree weekend.  Shopping took longer than I planned and I forgot two items which meant that I had to go back to the store on Sunday. I was leaving to go shopping and take Ethan to his girlfriend's house we noticed stench.  Rewind a little more, two weeks ago we missed putting out the garbage.  Right after the birthday party so we had a lot of trash.  I cleaned one of the refrigerators so it had food in it.  Yes, it had to sit a week in our garage with the temperatures rising.  Not a pleasant smell.  Also the day after we missed our trash, Todd notice water running from one of our deep freezers.  The one I store most of the meat in.  Well somehow the deep freezer was not plugged in all the way, so he plugged it in and told me we probably have spoiled food.  This said, I knew I was going to have to wait basically two weeks in order to clean it out.  I did not want spoiled meat to sit in the garage, so I thought I would clean it out (well it was going to be this Wednesday) the night before garbage night.  Fast forward to leaving Saturday, I mentioned to Ethan we have to wash the garbage can out because it still smells. He agreed the smell was horrible.  I drop Ethan off and then do my shopping.  Three hours later, I pull into the garage...wait rewind again... when I woke up Saturday I noticed a smell in our bedroom a little.  A few hours later the smell was becoming more pungent.  I seriously thought that a mouse or some sort of animal died.  Alright fast forward...(Am I giving you a headache?) So, I open the garage and stench.  I mean death stench.  The temperatures were getting higher so it made the smell worse.  I thought I can not handle this smell today.  I was sure it was this smell that I was smelling in our bedroom.  Our bedroom is over the garage.  I decided I was going to move the trash can out back.  I opened it and no smell from it.  I thought, oh, it must be the garbage bags we could not fit in, so I picked them up and placed them in the can.  Still no smell from the bags.  I could not figure out where the smell was coming from, then I moved the garbage can and millions of flies started swarming.  Okay, maybe thousands.  I watched and they landed on the deep freeze.  NO!  I screamed in my head.  I looked at the plug and it was plugged in.  I took a several steps closer and the smell was growing stronger.  Do I dare?  I had to open the darn thing.  OMG!!! I started to gag right away.  Our deep freezer broke and probably broke nearly two weeks ago.  The stench from the spoiled meat was the worse thing I had ever smelt in my entire life.  I yelled up to Noah because we were the only ones home, well so were three of his friends.  All four boys ran down the stairs and then gagged and asked what died.  I told them the deep freezer.  Noah and I bagged up all the food we could stomach to get and put the bags outdoors so it would not smell my bedroom anymore. I washed my hands maybe five times just to get the smell off of them.  I still could smell it in my room.  I nearly puked several times.  I called Todd and told him what happened.  He ended up picking up Matthew, my oldest to help move the deep freezer once Todd was off work.  This was three hours after I realized what happened.  Our clothing stunk from the fumes. With that said, other than shopping nothing on my list was done.  I had to wash the garage floor to remove the smell.  Later that night we moved the garbage bags to my son's apartment dumpster.  We were so grossed out by all the of the maggot eggs that were laid on the outside of the garbage bags.  It was so disgusting.  I hope you all had a better Saturday than I did.


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  1. oh my goodness, could have been worse if you'd left it longer, but now I'm sure you can rest... something so awful like that I hope I never get to see or think about.. I hope that this week will be more peaceful and that your bedroom is quite lovely and calm and not smelling too.. hugs and best wishes from over the pond[ where we still are waiting for summer- spring having passed us by and not stopped..**] janzi


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