Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday's Song- A tribute to Sir Paul McCartney.

This week's song is in honor of my favorite singer of all time's birthday last week.  First this song, I have always loved this song, but this version I think is pretty neat.  Yes, James, you are a lot like your Old Man.  He has a great voice too.

Now the Old Man, who I have adored for decades.

 Happy Belated Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!
Thank you so much for all of your music.
You will never know how much your songs mean to me
and how they saved me during some very dark years.

I am also linking up to Miss Angie's Musical Mondays.  Come see what music everyone is enjoying this week.  It is all happening over at My So-Called Chaos.



  1. What a wonderful tribute. I love Sir Paul McCartney and all his silly love songs! I actually prefer Wings to the Beatles!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sir Paul!


  2. Those were both fun! Though I liked the first one the most!

    Thanks for joining and for linking up!


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