Monday, June 17, 2013

With A Little Help From A Friend

I love the Internet.  It does not matter how far the distance between friends it helps us to continue to inspire and support one another.  I love the fact one can be so far away, yet the Internet lets us be so close to one another to help.

One of my friends I met in high school lives in Florida.  She is working on decorations for her niece's  quinceanera.  She sends me this picture and ask for my input.
I shared a couple of possibilities for the base but I thought the flower part was perfect.  I thought it would look nice with a smaller mouth vase, she could get a bud vase or a beer bottle/glass pop bottle and spray paint it white.  I then noticed the dowel and told her I thought it would look nicer in a clay pot painted white or something like that.  I told her I would go with Spanish Moss (first pick) or flower petals.  The next day she showed me this and asked me what I thought.  BINGO!!! She nailed what I was describing to a T.  I think it is adorable.

I have been envy of many people's posting of white vases and thought I would love to have a small collection for myself.  I told myself, next pay day I will go to the thrift shop and see what I can find.   I have been saying this now for the past two months. While I was grocery shopping I thought it would be nice to pick up some of their market flowers and place on the Kitchen table.  I went to look at my vases and found my pineapple vase I got one year when I bought daffodils during daffodil days.   It hit me, here I have told my good friend she should paint bottles white, I should spray paint it white and it would be perfect start for the collection I want to have.  I took my pineapple vase and a can of white spray paint and painted it.  In about four hours I had a new vase for my flowers.  I LOVE it, even Todd mentioned how pretty the vase was and asked if I bought a new one.  I love telling him when I have been creative.  I just love the expression on his face when he hears it.  Here is how it turned out.


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