Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here is this week’s HAPPY LIST!!!

I am so happy to be in our new building at work.  Although the construction on the outside is not complete I love it!  We used to be smashed in this one large office space.  Desk were butted together and the electric outlet lines were dropped from the ceiling and ducted taped on the floor.  Our new space is wonderful and beautiful.

Here is the side (which people think is the front) entrance.  I love the stone and the color of the wood on the building.  This is the entrance right outside my cubicle.
Our main corridor, just down the hall from where I sit.  See the stone section?  There are complete pillars every so many feet made of the same stones.
I get to see this plant every time I turn my chair towards the door.  
I would love to have this vase at my house. 

My cubicle.  I know it was blurry, I tried to take the picture in a hurry because the big wig was coming and I did not want to explain I was taking a picture for my blog. He he he

Only drawback is I do not sit by anyone on my team.  I have someone over the high wall but I cannot yell over to her because next to me is another department all together and behind me is my supervisor.  I also sit by a side door which everyone thinks is the front door.  I can see why because it is right off the street.  As I sit at my desk I can see this beautiful tree.  Oh, another drawback is down the main corridor which is on the right of my cubicle was is the printer, so I hear faxing/printing all day or the click click click of the secure door every time someone walks by.  These are minor setbacks because I love the space and the building.  I guess I will just listen to my MP3 player. 

I have more flowers blooming.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  I have a lily garden I planted three years ago.  They were either plants ready to bloom, or already bloomed, and four oriental lilies from bulbs.  The oriental lilies are: Casablanca, Star Fighter, and Star Gazer.  I have never seen the oriental lilies because of the rabbits, however this year I have a chance.  I am also seeing the Asiatic too this year.  All of the lilies are white and pink on this side.
This one I am super HAPPY about.  The name is Tiny Todd.  I just love the fact I found a flower named after my husband.  I need to keep searching for one for the children.  I think it may be rather difficult.

 This one is Lolly Pop Asiatic.  The storm tore off one of the petals.
 This one's name is Elodie Asiatic.  It was the only one I was able to see bloom last year. 
 This day lily is just beginning to open.  The name is Chicago Picotee Lace.
No clue what the name of this one is.  It is blooming in my Butterfly/Humming Bird garden. 
It smells heavenly!
Here is a big SURPRISE HAPPY...

Yes, we have tomatoes now!  Well they need to ripe but they are coming in.  HAPPY!!!

This makes me HAPPY too!  
Isn't BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!  I love the different shades of green.  I love the how the pole beans reach out to climb.HAPPY!
I also really love this gardener in the background.  
I am HAPPY this week is only a four day work week too.  We only have the fourth off because our client but we ended up with an extra vacation day to take.  I am alright with that.  Next week I will have a four day work week too because I have the 12th off.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for time off.

What are you happy about?  Come join the fun.



  1. Good morning, Sweetie! YOur building is *gorgeous*!!! Wow. What a pretty place to work! And congrats on you tomatoes and lilies. When will it be salsa canning time???

    Thanks for linking-up, my dear!


  2. O, everything looks so pretty in the garden.
    I love the pole beans, too. :)
    Over from Happy List

  3. Love the lilies and what a nice place to work! Just beautiful. it must be fun watching your garden grow - everything looks so pretty and green.


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