Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy List

Ricki Jill is on a blog break, so no party this week.  I did however still want to post my Happy List.

I am HAPPY we had an awesome vacation.  Okay, maybe not awesome but a great one; it would have been awesome if we could have had our second day in Yellowstone and no car repairs.  Yep, we made it to Cody, Wyoming and Todd's car broke down.  Thankfully it was in Cody and not deserted highway because trust me, there were many many miles in between something, sometimes we went nearly 60 miles or a lot more before even seeing a house or anything.  We were also very lucky to have found this wonderful repair shop.  The maintenance guy told us they had no openings until Thursday or Friday next week (which we needed to leave the next day... it was last Friday) and when the owner came to the shop we told him our story and asked what or who he can recommend for us.  He said let me see what I can do for you.  He checked and found the one and only alternator in town for our car.  He also took a battery pack to our car, which died two blocks away to save $70 tow charge.  This guy was so AWESOME!!!!  He replaced our alternator and battery for us in three hours.  He pushed back all the other cars just to help us out.  What a wonderful man.  He made me so HAPPY, I cried.  Seriously I cried.  I was so happy because I feared we were going to have to leave Todd behind and maybe Noah to keep him company for the drive back to Iowa but we did not because God sent this Angel on earth to help us.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

I have so many more stories to share and a ton of pictures.  Do not worry I will not post all 615 pictures but it will take a while to share my vacation.  I want to do it right like I did the past two years.  Here are only a few pictures.  I did post one of my favorites from my son's smart phone last Wednesday.  If you have not checked it out, please do.  I had the guys all pose like Mt Rushmore.  It cracked Emily and I up.

I wished Matthew and Kera were able to make it.  I also missed Taj a bunch.  Every day we talked about the kid.  I saw a train and...

...yelled "Papa! Choo Choo Traaaaainnnn!" with my fist clinched and moving up and down, just like Taj.  Of course being such an awesome Nana, I took a picture for him.  He loved it.  We also picked up something for everyone from Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.  We also picked up several things for Taj.  This one made me HAPPY!  He is a local author and he writes children stories at different age levels.  His characters explore the Black Hills.  He personalized Taj's book for him.  I plan on printing this picture and putting it on the back page so Taj has the picture of him personalizing hid book.

My next favorite gift is his cowboy hat.  We found one that looks like Woody's from the Toy Story.  Todd bought this coon skin hat for him.  I told him I thought he would either be afraid of it or love it.  I was leaning more towards afraid of it, unfortunately I was right.  We tried to tell him it is his kitty hat and had him pet it.  He still hates it.  Right before Kera took his picture he came to me and said, "Nana!  I like Woody hat. I no like kitty cat hat."  We all cracked up laughing.

The fact he loves his gift makes me HAPPY!  He came over today to celebrate my husband's birthday tomorrow and he was wearing.  I guess he has been wearing it every where.  Now I need to get my sewing machine fixed so I can make him a cow print vest, that will definitely make him HAPPY!

What do you have to be happy about this week?


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  1. You are a great Nana! Always thinking of others. Taj looks so cute in the Toy Story hat! I'm so glad you had a great vacation and that you ran into an angel to help you out. I have to go find the picture of your boys posed like Mt. Rushmore now...


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