Monday, July 8, 2013

Sneak Peak Of This Week

This week is going to be a little busy.
Work:  Due to the 4th of July holiday (and 8 people being out and training a new person) I as a little backed up so today MUST be a catch up day.  Friday our correspondence queue did not work either so any letter or notification needed to go out did not which just piles more on today.  Tomorrow we get two other phases of our client which means C R A Z Y busy. 

Vacation:  I have this Friday off and I cannot wait.  Our original plans fell through but I am sure we will come up with something.  We also have to complete our planning for our big vacation. 

Audit:  I am actually being audited for my dependents by my former employer.  I think this is so funny because the company I am currently working for, well I helped build their site at my former job.  I need to get Todd to find his divorce decree and print off our tax form to send to them.  If I do not do this, then they will be dropped from vision. 

Gardening:  Oh my I need to get out and weed.  I am praying the day lilies blooms will be open so I can get a picture.  I missed a great picture on Saturday.  Nearly all of the plants had blooms and I waited until Sunday to go out with my camera *insert sad face* the blooms were wilted by Sunday so I missed my full shot.  I did take a few pictures of some blooms.  I will be posting those tomorrow.  Joylene is blooming now.
I need to get out to our Community Garden Plot too.

I will posting my linkys:  Happy List, Weigh In Wednesday, We Want To Know, and Friday Confessional.  Unless I get lucky and find time to finish World War Z I will not be participating with Literary Friday this week.  I hope I can squeeze time to finish the book because I really want to participate and I really want to start one of my new books. 

I also have a couple of recipes to post this week.

We will have Taj on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and all day Sunday this week.  Which means I will not get anything done around the house on those nights and gardening will have to be done on Tuesday, if it does not rain, the forecast is for rain.  

Sunday will be fun.  My new job is having an open house/summer picnic, unfortunately Todd will not be attending because he will be working.  I think Taj is going to have a great time because there will be a bouncy house. 

How's your week looking?


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