Sunday, July 7, 2013

Twitter - One worth following


My darling husband is an avid tweeter.  Well, let me clarify, he rarely tweets but he loves to read and follow.  It is sort of like his Google Reader or Bloglovin.  He is able to follow so many of his interest and instead of wasting his time and reading through everything if the tweet captures his attention or interest he will then open the link and read the article.

I on the other hand do not use Twitter as often but there is one account he found which I try to at least once a week, I wish I was disciplined to do it every day, to read.  I think every school should have a program where the students follow as a class this one account. RealTimeWWII.  This guy started tweeting a day in a life of which someone may see at that time or news for that day, related to WW2. He plans to do this for six years and 1 day.  He is now up to 1941. It actually makes one think and realize a lot of things that were not in our history books.  I copied word from word from Wikipedia this next sentence.
Collinson has described his project as a method of helping people understand history in real terms, not just statistics, once stating it's about "turning numbers back into people."[5] He has given lectures and interviews on the project, along with others doing similar projects of other historical events
  It is a great idea and I highly recommend you to follow along as well.  


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  1. I need to look into Twitter. There are so many social media things to know about. This one sounds really interesting.


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