Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Today My Happy List will be about taking Taj to the zoo last Sunday.  This past weekend made me very HAPPY!

As I stated yesterday in my Sleep Over post we had some serious Taj time this past weekend. Ethan had to work and Noah had no interest in going to the zoo with us. We invited Todd's Mom, Connie to go with us too.  We went to the Niabi Zoo in Moline, Illinois.  It is not a large zoo but it was big enough for us that day.  The zoo is ran strictly by volunteers.

 Taj insisted Buzz Lightyear was going to join our visit.  He was wearing one of the outfits Papa and I got him and because Buzz Lightyear was on his shirt, his toy had to go everywhere.  Any time I put the toy in my bag, he became a typical two year old crying for his toy.
 This will be the last year for the elephants at this zoo.  The area where they keep them is not large enough and they lost an elephant last year and found it was due to lack of space they had.  To avoid any more deaths, the zoo is looking for homes for the last two elephants.
 We found a dinosaur at the zoo.  I loved the way Taj was looking at the dinosaur in this picture.  He kept saying..."Nice dinosaur, Nice dinosaur."

 After the dinosaur section we came to the pond life. 
 The ducks, geese, fish, and swans were all used to humans and knew they would feed them.

 Papa and Taj fed them!

 Next to the petting zoo is a rhino sculpture.  Taj wanted to sit on it when he saw it.  Then

We dug for our tickets to ride the Choo Choo Train.  Taj loved it.
In the picture below, he is making Buzz Lightyear sit next to him.
I loved riding the ride and listening to the boys sitting behind us gals talk.  
Taj was talking a mile a minute about the train and the animals.
He was definitely HAPPY and excited. 
Listening to him made me HAPPY too!
This butterfly section made me HAPPY!
 After the train, we saw some monkeys.  This guy was so funny, he would swing way out to make the net move closer to the tree where he would put his arm threw it and grab the leaves to eat.  He was a smart monkey.
 There were two open spots, but Taj would not look through without Papa holding him.
 Next was the petting zoo.  Another opportunity to feed animals.  Taj petted the Billy Goat but would not feed one at all.  He laughed at Papa feeding him.
 The lama had nothing to do with anyone. 
 Next was the Australia Walk Through.  This little wallaby surprised us.  He came out of the little hut and we were not expecting it.  He hopped directly across our path.
 The baby giraffe is a new addition.  Mama and six month old baby.  Mama followed the baby every where.  They made me HAPPY for some reason.
 The zebras were eating and Taj was becoming a little grumpy about this time because he was hungry too.  Nana to the rescue, I pulled out the Cheeze It Crackers and he became HAPPY well for at least awhile.  We put Buzz Lightyear in the bag because he kept dropping him.

 Here are two different leopards, the typical leopard I think of and below is a black leopard.
 It was a humid day and I was ready to take a nap with them.  Well not actually with them, in my own bed where it was cooler and people will not be watching me. *wink*

 Our last stop was the carousel.  Taj wanted to rid the elephant with Papa near him.
 He was having a great time at this point and forgot all about Buzz Lightyear well until he got off.

 It was a fun day at the zoo and Great Grandma Connie.

What do you have to be happy about?



  1. Hi...looks like a great place...so glad ya'll had a good time.
    Over from My Happy List.

  2. What fun! You got some great pics, and I'm sure the memories are great too! :)

  3. :D Just look at that precious little face!!! LOVE these photos. What a nice little zoo! My kids always loved petting zoos.

    Those fish look like the might eat the swans! ;P

    Neat, post. Y'all are the best grandparents!

    At least y'all are having some sun. It's pouring here again today!


  4. Oh my goodness, what a handsome lil guy. :) He looks so happy to be at the zoo! I love going to the zoo with my boys, too! It's always a good time.

    Visiting from the happy list link up from Art @ Home. Hope you have a great weekend!



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