Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here is my HAPPY List this week:

Oh where to start?

I am super excited about my Local Flavor Swap box.  My partner Lisa and I are going to sink up and post the same time tomorrow morning.  I cannot wait to share what I received.  I cannot wait to see how she felt about it.  I do know she was HAPPY about one of the things I sent.

I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY about my next thing on the list.  You all know (or maybe you do not because I have not posted about weight loss the past two weeks) how I have lost 38 pounds.  You all know (maybe you do not because you are fairly new reader/follower) that I have bad knees.  Now a few may know my husband I used to take ballroom dancing lessons but we had to give it up because my knees. Well my knees are always going to be a problem until I get both of my knees replaced BUT with 38 pounds gone, I actually have days in a row sometimes week without pain (minus stairs, stairs kill me going down.)  Well!  *squealing with delight*  September 11 my husband and I will start ballroom dance lessons again with the local community college. This makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY!  Great fun! Great way to spend quality time!  Great way to work out and exercise!  Foxtrot, Slow Ballad, Ballroom, Smooth Swing, Rumba, Four Count Night Club Basic, and Four Count Swing.  Then January 20 we will start the next set: Waltz, Cha-Cah, Mambo, Salsa, Four Count Latin, and Four count freestyle. Finally the last one will be March 27 final set: Polka, Tango, and Fast Viennese Waltz.  All of these we knew at one time except the Fast Viennese Waltz.  It has been so many years we are going to start from the beginning again.  Seriously I AM SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!!

I am also HAPPY the school district are dismissing school two hours early yesterday, today, tomorrow. I also foresee Friday and possibly Tuesday too. Why? Well it is FREAKING HOT here!  Seriously hot, dangerous hot.  We had floods in spring and then like nothing, drought once again in Iowa.  Hitting the agriculture hard as well as now students.  Our schools are not air conditioned and when the temperatures are hovering 100 degree and heat index hovering 115-120 degrees I cannot see how students or teacher can sit in a room and learn/teach, thus I am HAPPY the school district is thinking in their best interest.  They cannot cancel school or it will add on towards the end of the year.

Guess what we did on Saturday!  (This is going to be silly follow up from the my paragraph above) Canning!  We canned 15 pints of salsa this weekend.  Our first for the season.  I took September 11 off so we can do some major canning.  HAPPY!  It probably will be the last of our canning because although we have a lot of tomatoes, not nearly as much as we should have since the too wet spring and drought summer assisted with diseased plants yielding less tomatoes.

Speaking of our garden, the veggies are coming and here are some dishes I made the past few nights!  It always makes me HAPPY to make part or all of our meal coming from our garden.

Recipes will be posted later.

We had Taj for a few hours on Sunday.  Taj makes me HAPPY!  I made special pancakes for him. I did this for the boys too when they were little.  After I completed the special pancake for him, I picked him up so he can see it.  He had a huge smile on his face and he said... "Mickey Mouse Pancake!"  After I put him down he ran to Papa and told Papa about his pancake Nana cooked for him.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the pancake, Papa cut it up for him while I was working on breakfast.  However, here is a picture of him during breakfast.
He loves cars, choo choo trains, and planes,just like the boys did.  I have cookie cutters of cars, train, and planes for the boys.  We baked cookies that morning.  He loved it.  I loved it.

This kid makes me so HAPPY!

What do you have to be HAPPY about this week?



  1. What a great list! SEE!!! I told you that your knees will be fine once you lose the weight. COntinue losing and they will get better and better. Okay so now you know that you'll have to post videos of dance class (or at least what y'all have learned in dance class)...

    Taj looks like a great little helper in your kitchen. He's such a little cutie!

    I can't wait to see your loot from the swap. :D This has been a fun one, hasn't it!

    Thanks for linking-up, Sweetie.


  2. YAY! Congrats on the weight loss AND on the upcoming dance lessons....how exciting! And fun! :D


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