Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Local Flavor Swap Show and Tell

Chaotic Goddess Swaps hosted The Local Flavor Swap and I was paired with Lisa from   Carefree Jewelry by Lisa

I just do not know where to start!  All of my gifts were great and very personal.

Sorry, Lisa my light in the kitchen was horrible and did not do the earrings justice.
Lisa has an Etsy shop where she creates jewelry. She gave me earrings she made.  I LOVE THEM!  They are cooper and turquoise. The color of the copper and turquoise, the shape of the copper reminds me of Arizona.

Oh this gift is very neat!  We all know how I love to garden, well she gave me seeds from her own garden!  3 packets of cacti seeds she collected and dried.   The Saguaro and Ocotillo com from her yard/neighborhood. The Organ Pipe came from a desert area south of Tuscon.  She gave me instructions on how to start them.  I think I can start them. She wished me good luck after they outgrow the cup. Ha! I love it.  Well Lisa, they will then go to pots.  I do not think they will survive Iowa Winter outdoors and I want to keep these babies as long as I can, so they will be transplanted indoors then.   I am really excited about this gift.
Isn't it beautiful. 
The Desert Flower Note Cards...  The photos are taken and signed by a local artist.  How cool is that?! Oh, and here is another great thing about these cards, all proceeds from the of the sale will go to Foothill Animal Rescue, her local dog and cat shelter.  Absolutely makes my heart happy!

Juniper Spruce Herbal Bath and the Queens Honey Soap-  She told me you can find a lot of Juniper and Spruce in the Northern parts of Arizona around Prescott and Flagstaff.  She mentioned how they have a lot of bees.  Bees are good for pollinating but then I read her next part, they have to be careful because they have Africanized strain.  *eeck face*  We do have a lot of bees in our yard from the gardens but I am grateful so far none are Africanized strain.  Not yet!
I love this!
She gave me this beautiful Yellow Flower Soap Dish.   She found it at one of her favorite antique stops.  I love the painting!  I love it.
This is going to work with me.  
She gave me a Ceramic Whitewash Cross.  I loved it but when I read what she wrote I laughed so hard.  See before I post about what she wrote, one of the gifts I wanted to give her was a T-Shirt with a special saying on it, something that represents Iowa.  When I could not find it, I wanted to go to a ceramic shop and paint a mug for her with the saying "Hey is this Heaven?  No it's Iowa!" My husband told me that is so cliche' and thought it was a bad idea.  As I read my note and share my gifts with him I had this huge smirk on my face with a sassy tone and head cocked... here is what I read to him...
"Ceramic Whitewash Cross-Family line from the movie, Field of Dreams:  Hey, Is this heaven? " then she provided the link  -no...God is everywhere."

He just laughed and said, maybe it is not too cliche' then.  Oh, and Lisa The Field of Dreams is still located in Dyersville, Iowa.  My nephew even played a baseball tournament on the ball field.  How cool is that?  Unfortunately I never saw him play. Some day though I am going to go and take pictures of the famous ball field in the middle of a corn field.
Oh how I love hummingbirds!
Last and oh how I love it a special hand made card.  It even came with a note card about the legend of hummingbirds.  Yes, I love hummingbirds.  It will go on a little easel in my Curio Cabinet.

Lisa I love the flavors of Arizona.  I think I am one lucky Iowan.  Thanks so much and Thank you Angie and Beth for hosting a wonderful swap theme.

Hop on over to reveal by click the icon at the beginning of this post and see what the other bloggers received from Local Flavors.  I love this one...Just L O V E it!



  1. You are one lucky Iowan! I love Lisa's work. The earrings are so beautiful. That is so funny about the heaven line. I loved hearing the excitement of receiving your swap in your words, Jolene.

  2. That is so cool! And how funny that you guys had the same idea for the saying! Hilarious!

    Thanks so much for joining up with us! This was such a fun swap, I'm thinking we'll probably keep it!

  3. Oh YAY! Those are all fantastic! What a nifty idea, sending seeds from her own garden- I love that! If the succulents survive, they are fantastically hardy.
    I love those swirly star earrings, too. The whitewashed cross reminds of the missions out west, too! And thanks for the context link. :)
    Lisa definitely sent a fantastic package- you're both great swappers and bloggers, and I'm so glad we paired you up!

  4. Awesome post! I wondered about the cliché factor too and then thought aww what the heck...

  5. Oh I have just popped over from Lisa's blog and I can see you made each other very very happy. You both have wonderful ideas on how to do that. Your gifts to her were very special and meant a lot to her and I can see her gifts to you did the same. What a wonderful thing to participate in. Beautiful B

  6. Fabulous Swap!!!! The cross is my favorite thing.

  7. So many awesome goodies! Lisa's earrings are so sweet. I hope you have good luck with the cacti seeds. What a great gift! The cross is very neat with its rustic feel.


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