Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Moan

It has been awhile since I have had a Monday Moan.  I really try not too but I am very disturbed, therefore today I will Mooooaaaan.

Moooooaaann for wild fires.  I am very very disturbed about the wild fires in Yellowstone National Park right now.  Over 4000 acres have been burning with their largest fire.  They have four other smaller fires all started by lightning.  The large one is nearly a mile away from the grand loop, which is what we drove while we were on vacation.

This makes me so upset, seriously!!!  My pictures below, they are from the wild fire in 1988.

It takes that long for the Ecosystem to regenerate.  This is destruction which is nearly 25 years ago.  It is also disturbing this area I think is one of the two areas where the bison are concentrated for mating season.  MOOOOOAAAANN for all the destruction.

Well, that is my main Moan today, I will give a little grumble how unfair my boys (younger three) show their father more respect (someone who does not deserve it) more than they do me (someone who is actual a parent), sometimes it just gets too intense and it is hard to take the good road when this happens, thus I am grumbling about it here not to explode with it to them.

I look forward to tomorrow when I get to post my HAPPY LIST since I took the time to moan and grumble today.


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