Monday, August 12, 2013

Sleep Over

We had some serious Taj time.  Friday he spent the night with us.  We typically do not sleep well because he hogs most of our King Size bed. Next time, his Uncle Noah will have to have his room picked up and Taj proof because he will be using one of the bunk beds from now on.  Sorry Noah, no choice for you.  I loved how he fell asleep in my arm rubbing my ear.  He has this thing about sucking his fingers and rubbing someones ear, once in awhile he will even rub his own.

The next day he insisted on wearing his hat like Papa's.  I thought it was adorable on him (okay I know I think he is adorable in anything I am his Nana you all.)  and matched his shirt that day. 
Too cute!

After breakfast we took him to the Farmer's Market with us that morning and he was such a good little boy.  He sat in his little stroller and did not complain one bit. After the farmer's market we had planned to go to our local Hy-Vee grocery store because they were having a children's day and a bouncy house was going to be there.  We all know how much he loves bouncy houses.  He was so excited we were going.
It was really cute it was a dalmatian puppy and he was wearing a fire hat.  
He wanted to jump in right away.
First he took off and ran to the other side.
He found Papa over there and then he started to jump...
and jump
and giggle
and jump some more
THEN... the big fire truck came and he was done.  
He wanted to go over to the big fire truck.
However, he was not to sure of a strange fireman picking him up 
and placing him in the driver's seat.
He loved going to the back and seeing the hoses.
The firemen gave him a little basket ball and fireman hat.
He's my cute little fireman.
who was also a little grumpy because his hat kept falling off.
After the big fire truck we went in and saw Ethan making pizzas. 
He is now working there too.
We ate lunch and headed for home to take a nap.
Of course Nana and Papa are willing to lay down and take a nap with him too.
It was a fun night and day with Taj.
I think next time, he will sleep in one of Noah's bunk beds.
Nana and Papa really needed the nap too because we did not sleep that well.
Taj rolls in his sleep big time.
Man, I love that kid!
{As well as Papa and my boys.}



  1. Cute little Taj had such a good time with you as always. You are getting me prepared for our little Jackson - it won't be long before he can do some other things besides drool. :)

  2. What a cutie! I can see he must have you guys up all the time with such energy, wow! Looks like papa and Taj had an awesome time together, though!
    Have a lovely week.


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