Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation 2013~ Day Five/The Drive To Custer, South Dakota

The next morning Todd and I woke up to horses farting.  The campground has horse rides and the pasture where the horses are kept was located near our campsite.  The kids said they never heard the horses farting at all.  Lucky them because they were loud.  Todd and I would look at one another each time and end up laughing.  I know sometimes we are not the most mature people.  I loved waking up to fresh air and I was happy I was able to camp once again.  It has been many years due to my knees.
A few of the noisy horses.

Our morning sky
On our fifth day of our vacation we started our journey back to Iowa.  Last year's vacation we drove from Iowa to Washington DC in one day.  It was a very long day, and if we were to drive home from Cody, Wyoming it would have been just an hour or two longer. While Todd and I were planning our vacation we made the decision to stay in South Dakota one more night before heading home.  There was an Alpine Slide everyone wanted to go on, except me so we chose to stay in Custer again.  This time we all would be camping.

Todd mentioned to me at one point we will only be nine miles from the Montana boarder so he wanted to go nine miles the wrong way to cross the border to say we were in Montana.  I agreed.  Last year's vacation I started to taking pictures of the state's welcome sign.  I wish I would have always done this.  I need Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and we will have each state we have been in as a couple.  Our journey included the first ten miles of Montana and it only added fifteen minutes to our drive. 
As I mentioned before Wyoming has such a vast difference in landscape.  They have a lot of open prairie which looks like a desert without sand and this was most of the view of Wyoming.

Wyoming has forest and mountains.
Wyoming has mountains which are rocky.
Wyoming has plattes.
 We saw this sign a couple of times. Todd thought it was funny because he works with an Annie so I took a picture of one of them.
 Later we realized we were going to drive by it, so we pulled over in the parking lot to take a picture of it for Annie.
We took a different way back and it was very scenic.

We drove through Big Horn National Forest and we decided to make a stop at one of the point of interest.  We chose a good one too.  It was so beautiful.  Here is just one picture from the stop.  My next post will be about that stop. I think it was just as beautiful as Yellowstone National Park.  It was definitely a surprise on our trip and well worth the hour we stopped.
We finally made it to Custer and our campground.  We made camp and it was around 7:00 pm. 
We had two more hours left for the Mt Rushmore Alpine slide to be over.  The kids grabbed a few snacks because we have not had dinner yet.  We left Cody, Wyoming around 9:00 am that morning. We hopped into the car not realizing we had to drive to Keystone for the slide.  It was further than we thought.  We drove past Crazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore.  We finally made it.   The kids were stoked.  I was so nervous for them.  I thought the actual slide looked fun, but the only way to get to the top was to ride the ski lifts up the mountain.  No way, no how would I ride them.  I just about peed my pants one year at the state fair and it was not as high, nor did we go up a mountain.  Oh, why was I nervous for them.  They had to sign a death/accident waiver to ride the slide.  There were two slides, one was the slow one and the other was the fast one.

The slide near about half way. Joshua took this picture while he was on the lift.
Everyone in line to purchase tickets for the ride.
Emily and Todd are their way up.
The boys beginning their way up.
Ethan was making fun of me because I was so nervous about them.
First one down was Joshua, however you can see Noah on the right.
Noah was actually the first to begin, he was on the slow track.
Next was Ethan
Then Todd
And finally Emily.  Emily actually started after Joshua, she was passed by Ethan and her father.

They all had a great time.  I was nervous for nothing which I was thrilled about.  We finally found some place to eat and then went to our home for the night.  We enjoyed a bonfire and slept well that night.  The kids were a little cold they said, but Todd and I were fine. We had one another body heat as well as two blankets on us.  It was a cold night, low 40s.  We also had no melt downs on this day.  

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  1. This is a great way to remember your vacation. You can save these vacation posts in PDF format just in case anything happens to your blog and you will have these memories. I imagine Annie loves the pics for her LOL.

  2. Horses fart? LOL! I guess all animals do. Love that Flintstones place. That was my fave cartoon growing up, and I still love it today.


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