Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation 2013~ Day Two/The Drive to Cody, Wyoming

  •  Did you know the origin of the state's name is based on an Algonquin or Delaware Indian word meaning "large prairie place"?
  • Did you know, The historic Indians in Wyoming were nomadic tribes known as the Plains Indians. They were the Arapaho, Arikara, Bannock, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros Ventre, Kiowa, Nez Perce, Sheep Eater, Sioux, Shoshone and Ute tribes? Of all of these tribes, the Cheyenne and Sioux were the last of the Indians to be controlled and placed on reservations.
  • Did you know there is one Indian reservation in Wyoming, the Wind River Reservation, with headquarters at Fort Washakie? The reservation is the home of some 2,357 Shoshone and 3,501 Arapaho Indians. The total acreage of the reservation is 1,888,334, exclusive of lands owned by the Bureau of Reclamation and other patented lands within the exterior boundaries.
The Shoshone occupy the south central, western and northern portions of the reservation, with settlements at Fort Washakie, Wind River and Crowheart. The Arapaho live mainly in the southeastern part in settlements at Ethete, Arapahoe and St. Stephens.
  • Did you know Sacajawea, a female Shoshone guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, is buried west of Fort Washakie and the grave of Chief Washakie is located in the old military cemetery in town? The popular chief lived on the reservation until his death in 1900 at the age of 102. He was buried with military honors – the first ever given an Indian chief. 
  • Did you know there are 18 historical Forts in Wyoming?

Our second day of vacation we drove and drove and drove some more.  Just like we did our first day.  This time we did drive less hours on the road but it seemed longer.  We left shortly after nine in the morning.  I was a little stressed worried about the mountains because the Black Hills scared me to death.  Joshua and told us the Corella did not like the Black Hills, he had to floor the accelerator to keep up and the RPMs were going up to 5-6.  We did not like this one bit.  Todd was worried so we took it a lot slower and while we drove, Todd and I in the rented car we made the decision to rent a SUV the next day to go to Yellowstone National Park.  I enjoyed most of the landscape of Wyoming.
Once I saw this train, I looked at Todd and pointed "Look Papa!  A Choo-Choo Traaaainnnn" with my fist pumping up and down just like Taj.  I then had to take this picture for our little guy.  I showed it to him the day we came home and he was so excited about it.  He wanted to see it again and again until... he got his "Woddy Hat".
We passed this coal mine as we were driving and thought it was sort of neat to see.
At this moment of our drive was the first glimpse of the large mountains we will have to deal with.  I made this picture extra large, to help you see the faint mountains in the background.
Wyoming had such a variety of landscape.  I may post pictures of the different landscape some day, but not in the vacation series.

We reached Cody nearly nine hours later we made it.  We first checked into our hotel and then went to the camp site to set up the tent.  The first night camping was going to be Emily, Noah, and Joshua.  Ethan was going to but he was our first melt down with kids behavior and felt sorry for his self and stayed with Todd and I at the hotel.  
 After the campground was set up we all went to dinner.  The kids wanted to go BBQ Buba for some reason, so we went.  Joshua thought he had to eat something buffalo since he was in Wyoming.  He had a buffalo burger and thought it was great.  All the melt downs calmed down after dinner, however while we were eating a storm came through.  Our first rainbow while in Wyoming and it was a double rainbow too.  You have to look hard to see the faint rainbow above the first one.

Yeah!  Unfortunately the windows were down in the tent and everything was wet.  The kids took the towels and wiped everything down and I guess it was not as wet as we feared, however Josh for some reason slept on the wet cot and froze all night long.  They actually all were cold and did not sleep well because the winds whipped through and broke the front door's zipper even more.  
The sunset the first night in Cody.  I loved catching the sunset over the mountains.

The pictures were taken at our hotel's parking lot and at the time we had no clue what the kids were going through at the camp site.  I do know they had a good time as well because they knew they were not going to have to drive the next day because we had informed them about renting the SUV during dinner.  Josh and Emily stayed up late drinking a few cans of beer and enjoying the fire.  Noah was having fun making smores.  We told the kids they needed to be at the hotel by nine in the morning.  We were going to pick up the SUV by then because it is the earliest we could pick up the car and we wanted to head out to Yellowstone National Park as early as we could.

  • Did you know Wyoming has two National Parks and four National Forest?
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  1. You live in a wonderful, beautiful Country.
    I don't like camping and your bumps show me why... I can't simply adjust.
    I had a meltdown the first time I went camping as a newlywed - I even cried and my husband was appaled as there was one thing that could do that for me. Even when for him it's a normal thing when in the wilderness.
    I've been camping after for several times - more to satisfy a husband and kids' craving - but they all agree I don't fit. At all! ahahahahah no more tears just plain discomfort and the eagerness of getting home ;)
    Enjoy Dear Friend. As a blessing: of nature of nothing else.
    Be Well and Safe,

  2. beautiful thank you fro taking me along with you on the drive

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the rainbow, the mountain, the trees. It's all so pretty. Sounds like fun, too!


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