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Vacation 2013~Day Four/Cody, Wyoming

Day four of our vacation was also our anniversary.  We woke up early to try to take care of the car.  Todd had the car jumped once again and I followed behind him just in case.  We were headed to an Exxon station about six blocks away from the hotel.  Unfortunately the car did not make it, it died just two blocks away but Todd was able to pull it into a legal parking spot.  We walked to the station and the guy was not very helpful or pleasant.  He informed us they were booked full and closing at noon.  We asked a few times if he could refer us to someone else.  He finally answer it was a couple of blocks around the corner.  We walked there and had to wait about fifteen minutes until they automotive opened.  Once it was open we told the mechanic what was going on, he told us they were booked solid until next Thursday.  Next Thursday went off in my head.  Seriously?  We were leaving the next day.  We waited for the owner who arrived a few minutes later.  We told him what was going on and asked who he could refer us to.  He said let me look to and see what I can do.  He searched on the computer and told us if it was the alternator, he found the one and only that would work for our car but it was rebuilt and had three year warranty, he could go to another town and get a new one with a life time warranty but the part would not come in until late afternoon.  Todd spoke up saying the one in town would work.  The owner also told us they cannot tow in town, but he would save us $70 and jump start it and get it to his place.  I could not believe it.  This guy was moving all of his cars back just to help us out.  He was definitely an angel here on earth.  I was fighting tears because I was happy and still worried.

We left to turn in the SUV knowing the car repair was going to be more than replacing the battery.  On our drive over to the car rental, Todd informed me if the car could not be repaired in time, I was going to have to drive everyone home and he was going to stay behind with the car.  I hated the thought of leaving him.  I hated the thought of him driving through the mountains all by his self.  This was a lousy anniversary so far.  We dropped off the SUV and then picked up the boys.  It was nearly two hours later and the auto place called.  Our car was done.  The alternator and the battery had to be replaced.

It was nearly lunch time by the time we got back to the hotel.  Everyone knew Yellowstone was out of the question now.  We decided to walk down main street of Cody and have lunch.  It was fun walking into the little shop.  One store we found a lot of cute things we liked.  The store had samples for the customers to taste.  Here is one of them.

A college age girl told Joshua to make sure he takes a big scoop, so Joshua does.  I cannot believe this kid.  His eyes started to tear up instantly.  The girl said, kept telling him she was sorry, she was just joking.  The hot sauce has ghost peppers in it.  The owner told her to go and buy him an ice cream cone to cool it down.  It helped but poor Josh was in pain for a little while.  However the girl talked and talked to him and Emily for maybe close to an hour.  We told her we would be back and she told us goodbye.   She and Joshua were flirting big time.  It was so funny.  We later ran into her at Walgreens and she introduced herself and asked for each of our names, starting with Joshua.  I thought for sure the two were going to exchange phone numbers.

 The picture does not even due justice to his red watering eyes.

It was a laid back afternoon.  Later that evening we, Todd, Ethan, and Myself went to Old Trail Town.  I was very excited to see this because when I was younger we watched a lot of old western movies.  One of the first movies I remember seeing in the theater was Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.  One of the old homes was where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Gang stayed.

 The Old Trail Town is a collection of building that were taken completely apart, moved to this site and reassembled.  It consists of 26 buildings dating from 1870 to 1901.  It also has 100 horse drawn buggies and vehicles.  Many historical memorabilia from the Wyoming frontier and authentic Indian artifacts.  It also has a small grave site.


 Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, and the Hole in the Wall Gang

 Look on top of the building.  Do you see it? 
 A little blue bird was following us on one side of the trail.


 This was Ethan's second try.  He missed the first time and said something like he does not know how, then one of the volunteers told him how to hold the lasso and explained when he should let go.
He made it with his first try after being taught.

After our visit to The Old Trail Town, we dropped Ethan off and the kids had Pizza while Todd and I went out for our anniversary.  The restaurant we wanted to eat had a 90 minute wait and it was rather late and we were hungry, so we went next door to an Americanized Mexican restaurant.  A not so good one at that.  Our conversation consisted of the melt downs that day as well.  We then went to the campground where we spent the night.  It was a chilly night but we were warm under our blankets.  I rolled off the inflatable mattress maybe three times that night.  The mattress was like a waterbed and whenever one of us moved, I tended to roll out. 

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  1. I would have so much fun scrapbooking those old trail town pictures! Looks like a fun time was had by all!


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