Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vacation 2013~Day Six/Our Last Day Of Vacation

Our last night on our vacation we stayed at Flinstone Campground.  Both Todd and I stayed there when we were younger and thought it would be fun to be there with our children.  To be honest, I do not think the kids were impressed at all.  We did not spend much time there at because we went to Keystone to ride the Alpine Slide.  The campground has a theme park which I wanted to go through but we did not have the time and I honestly do not think the kids would have been impressed it is geared more for younger children.  The campground also has a heated pool.  We did enjoy the bonfire.  Todd and I slept well.  It was definitely a cool night barely 40s but we were warm.  We chose only to blow up one section of the air mattress and doing so made it less of a waterbed and very comfortable.  The kids chose no mattress just sleeping bags on the ground and they mentioned how cold they were. I think it was because they were on the ground. I woke up early around 5:30 in the morning and went for a walk with my camera.

The morning sunrise from our campsite.  I thought it was pretty and wished the others were out to see the beauty as well.

Below is the bathroom/shower house.  I loved how the buildings looked like the cartoon.

As I kept walking and closer to the RV side I really started to miss my grandparents.  I reflected back to when Lisa and I were little and they took us on vacation with them.  It was great and we all stayed here on our last night as well.  It was so much fun.  I wonder if Todd and I will have the opportunity to do something like this with our grandchildren?  I want them to have fond memories of us.

Our last day was a blur.  We took longer getting ready and taking the tent down.  We left Custer, South Dakota near 9:00 am.  The GPS stated we would be in Des Moines about five minutes after seven, not a good thing because the car needed to be returned by seven.   I drove most of the way, so no new pictures were taken.  We dropped going to Souix Falls to Falls Park due to time.  We thought about having my mother meet us at the airport with my car so we can unload but I did not leave my keys.  She must have known I was thinking about her because she called wanting to know when we will be there because she wanted to have dinner waiting for us.  What a great mother I have!  I explained our problem and we worked out a plan to call her when we were closer.  She was going to bring her car so we can load as much as we could into her Cruiser.  At one point I made up nearly thirty minutes (yes, I was going a little faster) but we lost any time I gained due to road construction.  We filled Todd's car for the last time and told the kids we were going to go a little faster to get the car back in time.  We told them to head on home, there was no need for them to come to Des Moines as well.  We called my mom and she met us.  We were able to pack everything into her car but Todd and two bags.  He stayed behind and turned in the car while mom drove us to her house.  I jumped into my car and hurried to pick him up at the airport; then back to my mom's house to unpack her car and load it into mine.  Todd told me we made the seven return time by three minutes.  

The last two hours of our drive was a long one.  Once we made it home we only unpacked the essentials and anything that needed refrigerated.  It was a good vacation but this vacation we spent a good amount of time in the car.  During our drive we came to the conclusion on odd years our vacations will not be big.  2009, our first as a married couple we vacationed in Minnesota.  We rented a house on a lake.  It was the most relaxing vacation except Emily's boyfriend dumped the jet ski we rented.  $900 repairs was the total for 20 minutes of riding it.  2011, we were at Six Flags in Chicago and Todd's wallet was stolen from the locked lockers.  We came home with $600 less and all of his credit cards and license missing.  This year, 2013 the car repair was $500.  See the pattern?  No big vacation will be planned for 2015.  We also both agreed on trying to get a house on a lake again, less driving and more time relaxing. Again, we had a wonderful vacation and was able to see such beauty.

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