Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation 2013~Day Three/The Drive To And Yellowstone National Park

Morning came and the kids called us just about the time we were to head out and get the SUV from the rental.  They called to tell us the car was dead.  Emily thought she shut everything off and was confused as to why it was dead.  Someone from another campsite was trying to jump start the car.  The car was able to start and the kids headed towards the hotel to shower and get ready, while Todd and I went to the car rental to rent the SUV for the day.  We all were excited to get to Yellowstone National Park.  There were two places on the top of our list.  Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Todd and I were not too thrilled with our late start.  Yellowstone National Park was nearly 2 hours away.  While we were at the car rental we had our second melt down from the kids.  Emily's hair products were left at the campsite.  We offered to pick it up since we were so close but she chose not to have it.  I think our car rental gal felt a little sorry for us because some how our car rental was cheaper and we had an extra 100 miles free.  Finally we made it back to the hotel and went to move the Corella in a different spot, but the car refused to start.  *sigh*  We definitely knew something was wrong now.  It was either the battery or an alternator.  We chose to deal with it later and head out for the day.  It was after ten by the time we left.  We both agreed we did not want to drive at night, when it the animals would be harder to see.

 The view from our hotel during the day.  
Same view where I took the pictures of the sunset the night before.
We set out in the SUV, where we all fit comfortably and we also had plenty of space for our cooler for our lunch that day and for snacks.
 The view was beautiful that morning.
 We had to drive through the Shoshone National Forrest
We made it to Yellowstone National Park and began the drive inside.  I saw this little waterfall next to the actual road.  I am not sure where the water ran off to.  The picture makes the fall look larger than it actually is.  It is a very tiny waterfall, but I thought it was beautiful.
 I enjoyed the drive in but I knew I was not going to enjoy the drive out.  
Just look at the edge of the road.  It is a steep drop off.
 So much beauty as we were driving along.
 We found Yellowstone Lake.


I love this picture below of the two of us.
All the burnt trees are from the 1988 Forest Fire in Yellowstone.  
It takes a very long time for nature to rebuild itself.

 Yellowstone Lake is the largest high-elevation lake in North America.  The elevation is 7,000 feet.  It has 141 miles of shoreline and is more than 400 feet deep.  The Abasroka Mountain is the back drop. 

 It was so peaceful and beautiful near Yellowstone Lake.
 While we were at the lake, this guy told us up and over the bend he saw a huge elk.  
He went into details about how large it was and the position the elk was when he last saw it.
 So we were off to find an Elk while we were on our voyage to find Old Faithful.  We found the guy and there was a pull off near him.  We had many others following us.  They all wanted to know if it was a bear we found.
 The above picture was the best I could get, so Todd and the kids took my better camera and climbed the steep hill to see if they can get closer.  Elk and Bison you are suppose to keep 25 yards between you.  They had plenty of yards between them
 This was part of the steep hill they had to climb.  Todd took this shot thinking he was getting the elk.  He missed but it is a beautiful shot.  Below he was able to zoom in enough and get a bigger picture of the guy.  He was huge!
With my other camera, I took a picture of them taking a picture of the elk.
If you knew what to look for in the picture below, you can see the elk. He is directly above Todd.  
The brown spot above the last green section of grass.

 The trees were so tall.  The sky seemed bluer and beautiful that day.
 Last part of Yellowstone Lake.

 We crossed The Continental Divide.  I just was not quick enough to take the picture.

Around this bend is the home of Old Faithful.  My next post will be about our time at Old Faithful.  I have to divide our day in Yellowstone National Park up because I have too many beautiful pictures I want to share.


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