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Vacation 2013~Day Three/The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
  • Did you even know there was a Grand Canyon in Yellowstone?  I did not!
  • Did you know it is roughly 20 miles long measured from the Upper Falls to the Tower Fall area?
  • Did you know the depth is 800 to 1,200 feet and the width is between 1,500 to 4.000 feet?
  • Did you know as of present day, the canyon is no more than 10,000 to 14,000 years old?
The exact sequence of events is unknown completely at this time, there has been little research in this area at this time.  At this time it is not know if the canyon was formed by erosion or by glaciation.
 Isn't beautiful?!
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone of Yellowstone definitely has the "ooh-ahh" factor between beauty and grandeur feature to be preserved and develop the national park idea.  

  The Grand Canyon has two falls, the Upper Falls and Lower Falls.  The Upper Falls, 109 feet high is upstream of the Lower Falls, 308 feet high.  The Lower Falls is often described as being more than twice of Niagara, although it is only talking about the height not the volume of water flowing over the falls.  There is a third fall found between the Upper and Lower Falls called Crystal Falls.

 Lower Falls


 The river flowing through the Canyon is the Yellowstone River.  It begins on the slopes of Youth Peak, south of the park and travels more than 600 miles to where it flows into the Missouri River in North Dakota.  This river is also the longest undammed river in the United States.

After the Grand Canyon we had to head towards the West Entrance due to the time.  We honestly did not want to get stuck driving in the dark through the mountains.  While we were leaving we came across the area where the tourist guide told us.  We found a lot of bison.
 I kept my eye out and told Todd cars were braking ahead of us.  We came to a stop because of this guy.  He took his time and stopped in the middle of the road for a little while.
 I just loved the look of the roadway, I had to take this photo.  We definitely have some beautiful landscape in the United States.

 Our last look at Yellowstone Lake.
 This time I was on the outside of the road.  The kids were laughing at me because of how afraid I was.  I had a paper by the side of my face as a blinder until Todd told me I am not doing my job by taking pictures as he laughed too.

As we were leaving Todd told everyone depending on the outcome of the car, maybe we can rent the SUV again and come up another day.  Our second day would be going to the Grand Canyon where they can walk one of the trails and then up to Mammoth Hot Springs, the Mud Volcano, and the Painter Pots.  We all were excited.
 The last few miles in Yellowstone National Park the winds were picking up.  A storm was definitely brewing.  I was praying to be out of the mountains before it hit us.
 It started to rain while we were in Shoshone national Forrest.  I thought, oh great not the tent again.  Fortunately the kids remember to zip all the windows up.  It also looked clear towards Cody.
 However it did not look so pretty to the right of us.  We could not tell the direction the storm was headed.

 The view to the left of us (below)  The view to the right of us (above)  Big difference but both are beautiful views.
 We then saw our second rainbow during our vacation, second day in a row of being in Wyoming.  I have never seen a rainbow so bright before where one can actually see the purple clearly.

 Sadly the purple would not show up in my photos.
 We made it back to Cody before dark.  Cody was just around the bend.  We had a great day with only three minor melt down from the kids. All not the same time thankfully.  It is just going to happen from time to time.

Emily stayed with Todd and I at the hotel and the boys all stayed at the campground.  The tent was dry.  The boys had fun at the campground and took advantage of the recreational games they had.  The kids were excited for the possibility of a second day in Yellowstone.  Todd and I were afraid what the next day would bring regarding the car.

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  1. Beautiful! And so much interesting information! I especially love the picture of the buffalo/bison, whichever he is.


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