Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday's Song

I loved this song back in the 70's.  I remember my father playing his 8 track and hearing it most Saturday mornings.  NOW, my memory will always be Breaking Bad.  They picked the perfect song for the series finale.

Last year they played this song and I thought WOW, they could have not picked a better song for the show. 


I was wrong.   I will miss you Breaking Bad.  What a great show! 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Wilson's Orchard

Last Sunday Todd and I had planned to take Taj to the apple orchard while Kera worked.  They were celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday and with it being the first weekend of Autumn it was a prefect idea to spend time outdoors doing a fall activity.  Both Ethan and Noah chose not to participate.  Kera ended up taking the day off so the four of us went to Wilson's Orchard.   The orchard was also celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday and had fun special activities for the kids, although we missed most of them.

We arrived around 4:45 in the afternoon, we had to wait for a little guy to wake up from his nap.  The line to pay for the apples was a 30 minute wait by the time we parked.  We had a hard time finding a bucket or basket to put our apples in.  We did not make the tractor ride which took people further into the orchard and I guess where the Honey Crisp apples were.  One of the workers told us a path we could go on and look for the poles with pink flags, it was our indication the apples on the trees were ready for picking.
Off we went to look for apples.

However we first found the pumpkin patch.  Taj was so excited and he ran ahead. 
 He absolutely loved the pumpkin patch.
 He found one cracked open and had to take a look.  He came up and said, "Oh my goodness! Yucky Pumpkin."
 And off he went further into the pumpkin patch.
 He found the one he wanted
It was this one, but we told him we were there for apples.  He will have to wait a little longer for his pumpkin.
 Papa had to go in and get him because he did NOT want to leave without his pumpkin.

While his Mama and Papa were ahead of us, we found some dried pumpkin seeds from an old pumpkin.  Taj just had to pick them up and put them in his pocket.  He is 100% Boy.  I wonder if Kera remembered before she washed his clothes?
He found a pond and wanted to go swimming but I told him it was too yucky to swim in.  It really was!
While we were walking up several hills, Taj became bored and wanted to play Monsters Inc.  Here he is playing Sully and scaring his Nana (Me), he would tell me to go to sleep and I would close my eyes and have my camera pointed to him and click the camera when he started the "Rawr!"
He absolutely had no idea I was taking his picture.  This is when I just shut my eyes and he waited for me to have them closed for a little bit before he scared me where I would scream and tell him "Oh you scared me!" and he would giggle and giggle that he scared his Nana.  It is a game we at Papa's and Nana's house play with him.  We play it a lot!
Then we came to an area where the apples were not all picked and Taj was able to pick his first apple.  He would not put the apple down at all.
After several rows, 45 minutes of walking, Taj wanted to ride on Papa's shoulders until we got to the next group of trees had more apples waiting for us to pick.

Here Mama is helping Taj pick apples and show him to put the apples in the bucket but he refused to put his first apple in there.

 He found more.  More apples Nana!  A lot of apples!
 I love the next two pictures.  He loves his Papa a lot!

 Kera (Mama) and Taj on the trailer waiting for ol' Bessie to begin the tractor ride.
 This one is my favorite of them.

Off they went.  Taj was not happy Nana and Papa were not joining them.  We thought it would be a great time to get in line and pay for our apples.
We bought more than the apples.  We picked up some fresh apple cider, some fresh apple cider doughnuts (Oh My Goodness!  The best doughnuts EVER!), and a glass of apple cider slushie which Todd and I shared while they were on their ride through the orchard.
 They're Back!!!  They loved their surprise doughnuts.
Good-bye Wilson's Orchards.  We will definitely be back next year for more apples and a fun day.  Who knows, maybe we will be back in a couple of weeks to find that perfect pumpkin for Taj?


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vino Van Gogh

A few weeks back we had a good friend over for dinner.  She mentioned how she liked my painting I did at the Brush and Barrel and asked me if I did it at Vino Van Gogh and then also told me there is a new wine and paint called Brush and Barrel.  You can read about my Brush and Barrel experience by clicking here.
I had no idea what she was talking about Vino Van Gugh and told her my painting was done at the new place.  She then whipped out her Iphone and showed me a picture of the painting she did about two weeks prior to mine.  She told me how she was able to find a Groupon and has one more she has to use.  We then got online and found one and a time where we can go and do one together.  I was lucky enough to find a Groupon myself.  This past Monday we met up at a local restaurant, Okaboji Bar and Grill to participate with Vino Van Gogh.  Vino Van Gogh is very similar to Brush and Barrel yet very different too.  The big differences are:
  • Vino Van Gogh does not have a studio like Brush and Barrel.  They hold their social classes at random local restaurants.
  • Vino Van Gogh you have to pay for your snack and drinks.  Brush and Barrel provides snacks and you also get one complimentary drink, not just wine they have other alchol and non-alcohol drinks as well.
  • I like Vino Van Gogh's subject matter better.  Most of the paintings the subject is landscape.  They have some really cool ones.
  • Vino Van Gogh as I stated is held at different restaurant and I did not enjoy how difficult it was to see what the instructor was doing.  A couple of times I had to ask for him to repeat that or could you come towards the back and show us what you are doing?  Brush and Barrel the instructor is on a small stage, so the instructor is up higher where everyone can see the instruction.  A very much plus in my book.  It is a very better set up, but they are able to do that since they have their own studio.
  • Both companies provides private group teachings as well. However, Brush and Barrel has a couple of neat things they offer, one is Little Monet classes.  This is for children.  How fun is that?  Brush and Barrel also has date night, which you and your partner or best friend will paint a two canvas painting, each canvas looks good by itself but when you put the two together they make a larger picture.  I am in hopes Todd will participate with me next month with this.  
 My sweet friend Susan and I met up at the restaurant and it was a full house.  There were twenty-seven of us.  A full house.  We first painted our sky and then the green grass and lastly the foreground grass.We then added the red leaves on the ground and had about a fifteen minute break.


We next painted the trees.  I really loved this part. I loved adding the shading to give it dimension and making it looked like it had bark on it.


Once again we took a fifteen minute break and then finished our falling leaves painting and added the leaves to our painting.  He showed us how to make it look like the wind is blowing as well.


It is always neat to see how people make their paintings their own and each may have the same subject matter, we all interpret it just a little different and put our own personalities in it. 



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here is my HAPPY List this week:

I have been having so much fun this past week and have a lot to be HAPPY about.  Let me start with…I have completed the Super Heroes Series of paintings for Ethan’s room.  Seriously I am HAPPY about this.  I found something very similar on Pinterest, the paintings were: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Captain America.  I thought Noah would like this for his room, however I was wrong it was Ethan.  Ethan pointed out the obvious the series I pinned the Super Heroes were all DC except for Captain America and he thought that was wrong.  (He is right.)  He picked two of his favorite DC and 2 of his favorite Marvel Super Heroes.   I started the 4 – 12 x 12 canvas paintings last summer.  I was able to complete the Flash right away. 
Ethan wanted the Hulk as one of his Marvel Super Heroes, we searched online and found the Hulk emblem and I painted it last summer but I was not happy.  First I started with the outer ring being black, but the painting was just too dark.  I then changed the outer ring to a green color.  Once again, I thought it was too dark.  I then put it aside and was too busy to do anything further.  I was afraid to draw my Batman, so I put everything else off.  Actually I was just too busy to do anything creative due to every weekend being busy with Taj or family issues.  After participating one night at Brush and Barrel, I told myself if I can complete a painting in two hours then I need to finish the Super Heroes Series for Ethan.  Two weekends ago I began to work on them once again.  The Hulk painting Ethan and I looked and looked at it and thought we would try the yellow for the outside circle.  The fourth time was the charm.  I liked it much better.  HAPPY!!!
The third painting in the series is Captain America.  Seriously I thought this was going to be as easy as the Flash was but do you know how hard it is to make an even star?  It took forever to make it look right but it was done in two days.
Last in the series is Batman.  I knew this one was going to be a challenge.  I drew everything free hand.  If my printer worked I would have printed a template for this one as well as a star for Captain America.  I think he turned out okay, not the best but Ethan is HAPPY with it.
Here they are all together hung on his bedroom wall.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!
Sunday, Todd, Kera, Taj, and I went to Wilson's Orchard to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  It was a lot of fun watching Taj's reaction at the orchard.
Watch for a post on Friday about it.

Monday was another social painting.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
Watch for a post on Thursday about it.

Lastly, Todd joined both he and I to Core Fitness.  They have three locations, one close to his work (sort of close to mine.), one very close to where I work, and the third close to where we live.  HAPPY HAPPY, now I can work on strengthening as well as take some Yoga Classes and Aqua Fit classes.

What do you have to be HAPPY about?


He Loves Me