Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blue Flower Vase

I am working on making a few baskets for a fundraiser.  One of the baskets I am making I plan on adding this glass vase.
However, I thought it was too plain.  I wanted to jazz it up some.  Here is the Before and after shot.
I am rather happy with the new look the plain vase turned into.  First I washed the vase and wiped the outside with alcohol to make sure it was thoroughly clean. Next I took ribbon (the width you want your stripes to be) and some double sided tape.  I wrapped the ribbon around my vase in a pattern that I wanted, adding the double sided tape every now and then to keep it in place.
Next I took the vase outdoors and spray painted it the blue I wanted. I used Krylon indoor/outdoor paint.  I then waited for the paint to dry.
After it dried, I removed the ribbon and wah lah!  My finished product.
Here is another look from a slightly different angle.


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  1. Oh yay! That looks super easy! And the paint doesn't come off with handling or washing? I think I want to do that to jazz up my vases now. Thanks for this tutorial!


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