Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brush and Barrel

Once a month since I left my old job I get together with my good friend Anne.  She is one of a few women I miss so much.  She also sat next to me for nearly 7 years. She is also the main reason it took me so long to actually get out there and apply for a new job.  Once I did and received an offer, every day for two weeks Anne cried.  She was thrilled I was leaving but she was going to miss me as much as I was going to miss her. As long as she lives in this area (her husband is trying to get a job in Kansas) we plan to meet once a month. Every time we do meet I am always greeted with a beautiful smile and the best hug.  I truly love Anne.  I wanted to do more than just eat every time, so when Facebook showed me something they thought I would be interested in I brought it up to Anne.  I have been wanting to do a wine and paint for a long time but there has been nothing here in my area.  I was thrilled when Anne said yes.  

Brush and Barrel is a new establishment here in the Iowa City area, just down the street from where our temporary space was in Coralville.

Anne and I met for dinner and then drove to Brush and Barrel.  I loved the atmosphere and the entry.

We were greeted by one of the owners by names.  I asked if we were the only two in the class since she knew our names and we all laughed.  We then talked about how she and her finance came to open the store.  I loved the fact they moved from Oregon to be near her family and thought this would be a great idea for our vicinity.  The store opened in August. 

Here is a picture of the owners.  They are such cuties!  Next month is their Wedding and she announced to our small group of three that she is just a few weeks pregnant.  How exciting and what a big year for the two of them, a move across the country, a new business, a marriage, and a new baby.  I hope they succeed.  I love their new business.

Now on to the rest of our night.  Our instructor was a local artist Megan Bishop.
She did a great job instructing everyone and was very encouraging to all.
I think she is too adorable.  One of our topics when socializing was tattoos.  She has a tattoo of her favorite paint brush.  Can you guess which brush that is?
If you guessed the Fan Brush you are correct.  

Anne was a little nervous because she said she was not artistic.  I say poppy kosh!  Everyone is artistic. It is your painting, your heart is going into it and if someone tries full-hearted  then it is beautiful.  Anne did something I have never seen someone do before.  She did not carry the paint to the end of the canvas.
We took each part of the painting step by step, adding a new color as we went along, using a dry brush to take away some of the paint as we went along too.

Our class was small only three but we had a great time.  The other young lady is a stay at home mother of two girls.  She met her husband online but she moved across an entire ocean to be with her husband.  I loved listening to her talk, she had such a thick European accent.
Anne has such a beautiful smile.  I just love her and am thrilled to celebrate 3 years of cancer free.

I love how Anne's turned out with the white canvas as a bordered frame. I love how different they are. All four of our paintings were different.
It was a great time.  I enjoyed it so much. Anne enjoyed it too. We both have decided we are going to do it together and maybe get some others with us too.  I would love to do this with my boys.  I would love to do this with the girls.  I would love to do this with my husband, but he has no interest so that will not happen.  Ehh that is okay because I am not into fantasy football as he is.  Here is a close up of mine.  I think it is going to go into our bedroom.  My bedroom is blues and browns.  I think it will look nice in there.  I cannot wait to do this again.


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