Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday's Song

I absolutely love The Beatles.  I absolutely LOVE Paul McCartney.  Every Sunday I have been linking up songs from my past or present.  I fell in love with Mumford & Sons' Album of Babel and said I plan on posting once a month a song from the album (okay CD now).  Well it got me thinking... I should post once a month one from Paul McCartney or The Beatles or the other Liverpool Lads, so this week's song is one of my top favorites from The Beatles.  They have so many songs I love but this one is in the top ten easily, maybe top three songs of all time.  I just love this song.  Enjoy!

I'm linking up to Miss Angie's weekly party Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays

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  1. Me too! Great song. Thanks for sharing!!


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