Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday's Song

I have absolutely no idea why this song keeps popping into my head the past few months.  I think it began around the time I was reading Eleanor and Park.  The characters talked a lot about music and the era was the 80's.  Who knows maybe this had some sort of mysterious passage to make me recall this song but it keeps popping into my head every now and then so I must post about it.  This song and video is totally 80's.  The New Wave sound.  The synthesizer.  The leather jacket and leather pants.  The super skinny tie.  The make up. The weirdness of the video (beginning days of videos).  All this but the song was released in 1979.  Yeah, 1979 one year before the 80's, however he is for Britain and New Wave music was a hit there before the United States.  Enjoy!


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  1. haha I remember that song. I love the old videos. A-Ha's Take On Me has been on my mind. There is a commercial using it for cars.


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