Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vino Van Gogh

A few weeks back we had a good friend over for dinner.  She mentioned how she liked my painting I did at the Brush and Barrel and asked me if I did it at Vino Van Gogh and then also told me there is a new wine and paint called Brush and Barrel.  You can read about my Brush and Barrel experience by clicking here.
I had no idea what she was talking about Vino Van Gugh and told her my painting was done at the new place.  She then whipped out her Iphone and showed me a picture of the painting she did about two weeks prior to mine.  She told me how she was able to find a Groupon and has one more she has to use.  We then got online and found one and a time where we can go and do one together.  I was lucky enough to find a Groupon myself.  This past Monday we met up at a local restaurant, Okaboji Bar and Grill to participate with Vino Van Gogh.  Vino Van Gogh is very similar to Brush and Barrel yet very different too.  The big differences are:
  • Vino Van Gogh does not have a studio like Brush and Barrel.  They hold their social classes at random local restaurants.
  • Vino Van Gogh you have to pay for your snack and drinks.  Brush and Barrel provides snacks and you also get one complimentary drink, not just wine they have other alchol and non-alcohol drinks as well.
  • I like Vino Van Gogh's subject matter better.  Most of the paintings the subject is landscape.  They have some really cool ones.
  • Vino Van Gogh as I stated is held at different restaurant and I did not enjoy how difficult it was to see what the instructor was doing.  A couple of times I had to ask for him to repeat that or could you come towards the back and show us what you are doing?  Brush and Barrel the instructor is on a small stage, so the instructor is up higher where everyone can see the instruction.  A very much plus in my book.  It is a very better set up, but they are able to do that since they have their own studio.
  • Both companies provides private group teachings as well. However, Brush and Barrel has a couple of neat things they offer, one is Little Monet classes.  This is for children.  How fun is that?  Brush and Barrel also has date night, which you and your partner or best friend will paint a two canvas painting, each canvas looks good by itself but when you put the two together they make a larger picture.  I am in hopes Todd will participate with me next month with this.  
 My sweet friend Susan and I met up at the restaurant and it was a full house.  There were twenty-seven of us.  A full house.  We first painted our sky and then the green grass and lastly the foreground grass.We then added the red leaves on the ground and had about a fifteen minute break.


We next painted the trees.  I really loved this part. I loved adding the shading to give it dimension and making it looked like it had bark on it.


Once again we took a fifteen minute break and then finished our falling leaves painting and added the leaves to our painting.  He showed us how to make it look like the wind is blowing as well.


It is always neat to see how people make their paintings their own and each may have the same subject matter, we all interpret it just a little different and put our own personalities in it. 



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  1. You are a good painter, Jolene! I love both of your paintings. What a fun night to spend with a friend.


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