Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We Want To Know

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It is that time of week where we get to know one another just a little more by participating with Scriptors' and Kenzie's little party... We Want to Know.

It has been a little too busy and I have been missing some of my regular linky parties.  It is time to get back into them because I do enjoy them.

1.) When was the last time you got unreasonably mad and why?  Oh it is nearly an every day thing with me lately.  My hormones are so out of whack.  Seriously I get mad at the silliest things.  I am going to blame all the things going on in my life.  I have to find something for the outrageous anger I have at times.  Hmmm... last time, well that would be probably last Friday.  McDonald's drive thru that I swear I will never go again.  I ordered a caramel ice coffee.  Too many times they give me a caramel frappe or caramel mocha.  I decided I would not accept them any longer if I did not order it or pay for it.  Well they charged me for my medium Caramel ice coffee but they tried to hand me something with whip cream and caramel syrup.  I asked what is that before taking it.  I was told a caramel mocha.  I said that is not what I ordered or paid for, then he said what and the manager said, oh she wants it hot.  I said no I want a caramel ice coffee.  I was then asked to pull over for 2 minutes and they will bring it out to me.  I said no, I do not want to pull over for 2 minutes for you to bring me a caramel ice coffee.  He then said, well we can try to make it faster.  Seriously????  I pulled over and exactly two minutes later I was brought a hot beverage by the manager.  I said I did not order that.  I ordered a caramel ice coffee and showed my receipt to her.  Her comment back to me was well I did not take your order.  I then asked her if she knew how to read?  She looked at me. I told her I understand you did not take my order but the orders are on a screen.  The person who took the order took it correctly, but it appears those who fill the order are unable to read or understand what was ordered or McDonalds products including the manager.  I soon had my ice coffee and money back, which was not what I wanted.  I know... a little overboard but I cannot tell you how many times they messed my order up.  *sigh*  I am going to be good and never go there again even if I am craving the caramel ice coffee.
2.) Tell us one person you cannot stand. Ha!!  These questions are not nice this week at all.  The one and only person that walks the face of this earth is my ex-husband.  He is the only person who is wasting oxygen of others.  I know pretty drastic but if you knew my history and what he has done to our children you may understand.  I know, it is not Christian and we are suppose to turn the other cheek.  Well trust me I turned it and turned it and turned it for years.  I do not think there is anything on this earth that would ever change my opinion of this horrible childish, most selfish man.
3.) List two things that humans do that piss you off.  Well, being closed minded and not open to being different.  Degrading others.  I know it sounded like I did with my ex so it sounds like I am wishy washy with that one, please trust me.  I am not that way. 
4.) What was the last lie you told?  I think it would have been to Mercer Management stating I enjoyed working there when I left but did not like how I was treated.  Truth be told, I stopped enjoying working there nearly five years ago.
5.) Name one thing about yourself you would honestly change if you could. That I would have worked on the weight when I was younger.

Wow looking at my answers, I look like a bad person.  Seriously I am not.


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