Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.
Strange things seen
Ghost may walk
Skeleton's talk
on Halloween

Halloween makes me HAPPY.  My children have always been into it.  I used to decorate the yard back in Des Moines but it was always kid friendly.  Now, our yard is one of the scariest and it makes all of us HAPPY!  Noah used to be so frightened of our yard yet he was so proud he lived at the house which was known as the scariest house.  We try to pick up something new every year but do not actually decorate the yard totally until actual Halloween night due to the fact we do not want anyone to steal the decorations.  Saturday we were working on a couple of our new decorations and placed them in the garage.  I opened the garage much later that night and scared the heck out of myself.  ha ha ha
 We have four of these guys. 
 They are suppose to be coming out of the yard,
however we are making changes.
We placed them on our tikki torches
and then added yard fabric below, to lengthen the skirt.
 This guy is as long as my leg.
He is our new Vampire bat and his eye light up.  
Behind the bat you can see our new Zombie Baby.

Now the inside is not scary and that is the way I like it.  I did not go all out because we have no access to the main Living Room at this time. Next year will be different because I have many projects which I was not able to complete this year but will be done for next year.  I decorated my Kitchen on Sunday.  I am very HAPPY with the way it turned out.
 One of my new Kitchen towels.  I love the little scarecrow.
 Our Kitchen table. 
 My little Acorn girl is not new.
 I just love her.
 The Scarecrow stick is new.  He was on sale at Joann's Fabric.
He was a total of $1.79.  I could not pass him up.
 The placemats came from Joanne's Fabric. 
They were on sale too and were $1.59 each.
They are a lot larger than I thought they were gong to be. 
Just outside the Kitchen is my little girl scarecrow.  
I received her in a Autumn Swap a couple of years ago.
I had a great partner.  

I cannot wait to share my Halloween post this year.  This year will be the first time in many years that I do not have anyone dressing up and going out trick or treating.  Noah's school has a concert that night.  How crazy!!! On Trick-Or-Treat night.  How unfair for parents to have to chose to take out younger siblings or attend their child's concert.  Thankfully Kera will be bringing Taj over earlier so I can see him and take pictures.   Here he was last year.  I think he was the cutest, no scratch that, the most adorable lion ever.  However, I know I can be biased.  
What do you think he will be this year?  Check out my post on Friday.

What do you have to be Happy about this week?



  1. Oh my! He IS the cutest lion ever! I love your decorations, too. And the pretty vignette on your table has a little scarecrow like I have on a shelf! I think it's in my post today! ENJOY!!!

  2. Taj is a cute lion, for sure. Would you believe my little baby is going to be a lion this year - lol. I enjoyed seeing your Halloween decorations, Jolene. Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. OMGoodness, that Taj!!! He is the cutest, and I can't wait to see who he'll be this year!
    I love your centerpiece....did you make it? I love the little scarecrow. You are so creative, Jolene!

    I've been baking cupcakes for the kids on our street today because it's supposed to storm here tomorrow night, and there'll be so many disappointed children. My kitchen is a Halloween sprinkle mess! I didn't have a cupcake, but I sampled way too much of the icing and I almost got sick @ church tonight! :/ I'd been off sugar and was doing so well!!! *sadface*

    I can't wait until your post. Will you send me a link? I don't want to miss it. We have so much this weekend with a horse show, parties, etc.



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