Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

Here is my HAPPY List this week:

This week's HAPPY List will be about our new gym membership with the Core Fitness.  We have been members since Saturday September 28.  They have three locations.  One near our home which is convenient.  It is less than five minutes from home.  Okay, if a train comes it may be longer due to that stupid ol' train.
They also have a location which is around five minutes away from where I work.  We have never been to that one yet.  The third is close to Todd's work and is only 20 minutes from where I work.

Todd and I went to this one our first time to workout on September 29.  We wanted to check out the facilities since it is the only one with the pool and where the Aqua Fit classes are held.  We worked out for nearly 30 minutes that day. We also saw the girls leaving.  They joined too.  There was a sign up special where they waived the membership fee during that week, which saved Todd and I nearly $189.  The next night was Monday and I had planned the Vino Van Gogh with a friend and I did not want to just pass up working out, so I went to the Core near our house which was about two minutes away from the restaurant where we met for the Vino Van Gogh.  You can read about that by click here.  That night I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and used the weight machines.  I had one of the gals show me which machines work the arms.

It was great to do two things that night.  One for pleasure, the other for health.
The next night I just walked on the treadmill at home because on Tuesday nights we have the kids over for dinner and the girls stay to watch Sons of Anarchy.  The next time we went to work out was on Friday.  Todd and I left to workout after Kera and Taj left our house.  It was close to 9:45 pm that night.  What I love about the fitness center is it is open 24 hours.  On nights Todd has to pick up Taj and he will get up and go workout at 5 am. We both used the treadmill, rode the recumbent bikes, and I worked out once again with the weight machines.  I just love being able to work out with Todd. 
The next morning we watched Taj for a few hours and we both wanted to try the Gentle Yoga.  What is great about the Core, they have a daycare.  We took Taj with us and participated in our first Yoga class.  I love the atmosphere in the room.  The low lights.  The music.  The teacher explaining everything we do and what it is doing to our bodies in a very calm voice. She also told us the history of the Yoga pose's name came from.  Very educational besides working out and YES it is a work out. I had sweat rolling down my face.  This was week one and I used my membership at least three times that week and worked out at home one night. 

The next day was Sunday and I participated with my first Aqua Fit class (Water Aerobics.)  Oh, I loved it!  One hour of pure exercising.  My arms were so sore but sore for good reasons.  My muscles were yelling at me and saying. "Oh, thank you Jolene.  You finally remember we exist!"

The next night on Monday, right after work. I participated in Aqua Fit again.  Oh, how I love that class.  I am working every muscle and it feels wonderful.  The next time I worked out was Thursday and once again it was Aqua Fit class.  I also weighed myself and lost EIGHT pounds that week.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  Oh wait maybe that is HALLELUIAH!!!!!

Last Saturday Todd and I participated with Yoga.  I did not make the full hour due to a migraine and we did some pose where we were in a child position then then lifted our head where it was touching the ground and tucking the chin to your chest.  You were suppose to put weight on top of your head and it was to stretch your neck.  Let me just say, this is not a good pose when you have a head ache at the base of the neck.  Sunday, I was back to Aqua Fit only this time Todd went with me.  He enjoys it as much as me.  Last night we both participated in Aqua Fit again.  I love exercising with him.  He is such a great support system.  I love his humor and he would tease me a little in the water.  Last night my wedding rings actually slipped off.  My rings are loose now from the weight I have lost at this time.  I have not had them slip off before.  Todd loses his all the time because of how much weight he has lost.  I will have to remember to take them off from now on.

Enjoying working out makes me HAPPY.  What makes me the HAPPIEST is the FREEDOM Aqua Fit has given me.  You all do not understand how HAPPY I really am about this FREEDOM.  You see, I have not been able to run, jump, squat, do any aerobic exercise other than walking on a flat surface or swim with the flutter kick for nearly five years. Five years of not being able to be active.  The water puts less weight on my knees, protecting them some. I still have to concentrate on how I land which makes it hard for me to remember to make my belly button kiss my spine at times, but I manage.  I can jog.  I can run.  I can do jumping jacks.  I can kick.  I can lunge.  I can do everything everyone else is doing except the frog kicks.  That is a no no from the doctor.  Aqua Fit is so liberating for me.  I am nearly tearing up as I am typing this. I have my FREEDOM back for one hour every time I participate in this class where I can move like everyone else and that makes me so HAPPY!

Working out is also why I have been missing some of my Meme (linky parties)  I am not happy about that.  I read yours but I am tired from working out and trying to become healthier.  Eventually I will get a routine down where I do not miss posting as well.

What are you happy about this week?

All pictures were taken from the Core's website.  



  1. 8 lbs AND enjoying your workouts?! That's amazing! Well done...what a blessing to have, especially in the Winter. Yay!

  2. You are really motivated right now! Keep up the good work! My mom and I took a water aerobics class last week while on vacation and it was wonderful!

  3. Good luck with your exercise routine. ;-)

  4. I am so proud of you! Your health is so much more important than blogging. The Core Fitness facilities look so nice! Wow. I'm going to join a yoga class soon to help me with my flexibility because supposedly it will help with my Pilates workouts if I'm more flexible (it will make my workouts more affective).

    Keep me posted on your yoga classes...I want to learn more! Thanks for linking-up to My Happy List!




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