Saturday, October 12, 2013

Here Is What I Have Been Up To

I have not been blogging as much as I have been usually for many reasons.  I have been working overtime.  It has been very stressful the past month or so.  A lot of it is just because we are basically a new company.  Actually the company is not new but the company is doing something new for their new client, who is my client.  It is the largest client in the U.S. and Sedgwick is one of the largest T.P.A. so all eyes are on us.  Due to the fact that there are so many first for this client therefore it is like a new company if that makes any sense at all.  My group was the first round of Leave of Absence Coordinators and things change nearly daily with procedures due to the changes being made, you know how it is sometimes one thing needs to be fixed and it may affect another not to work properly.  I know things will settle down with that once everything has been taken care of, so I take it with the mentality as it should be.  We are now fully staffed and training others should not take from my work as well.  Thus the overtime.  I was told to do 'what is due today for deadlines' and help others who are behind.  I am okay with this because we are one company one team.  I just hate seeing my things pile up as well.  We have had a few people leave so they reassign their cases and a lot of those cases are behind and well have not been done by the step process and I do not want the quality assurance to count against me, so these cases take more time to start from the beginning and correct what needs to be corrected.  I had my first Q.A.  They take three cases and we need to meet 90% in order to pass.  I had two 100% and one 93.45%.  It felt great last night walking away from work with everything just about done.  

What has made it a little more difficult for the overtime is I am not missing my workout classes.  I have to make this a priority in my life to become healthier, so I have been going in earlier too.  I am thoroughly enjoying working out as you may have read with my Happy List post.  Monday I have an orientation meeting with a personal trainer at the Core.  It is free with new membership which Todd and I would like to take advantage of.  Todd met with him on Friday and he told me he would seriously like me to consider purchasing the three personal training sessions, he would cover the cost.  The past several years he has watched how hard it has been for me to do things because of my knees. He told me he wants me to be able to make the best of my workouts and would love to have those who are trained to help me make the most without causing pain to my knees.  I have a wonderful husband.  Working out has taken serious time away from my computer time and reading.  I have to figure out a routine to be able to do everything still.  I know I will be able to figure something out because... well that is what I do best, make it work.

Another thing which has been taking a lot of my time lately (and worries) is my third son.  He used to be my most lovable son, such a cuddler.  I knew it would change once he became a teenager but couple of years ago when his girlfriend broke up with him, something broke inside him too. He changed in so many ways.  He is truly an unhappy person.  He still seems mad at the world except for when it comes to his new girlfriend or if he gets what he wants.  He has become a person who does not care for his family at all.  He is not my first teenager and I know they all grow to be with their friends more than their family. I get that, but this child has come right out and told me several times over the past year that he does not even like his family and cannot wait to move out to move on.  My heart is so troubled with this.  He has thrown each and everyone one of us under the bus per say to get the heat off of him when he has been caught in an action of disobedience.  Things hit the fan you can say yesterday, so I chose to write a letter to express what I needed to say.  This way my tone will be out of it as well as not being side tracked off the topic by him interrupting or me becoming angry by the disrespect he continues to show.  It hurts tremendously knowing my own son does not care for any of us. They are my world as well as Todd and his girls and Taj.  I hope some how whatever broke inside two years ago will mend and he will finally get over with whatever it is he is so angry with and becomes the young man I had always hoped he would be.  I will always love him.

As all parents, it is tough trying to juggle everything in life, being a great worker, being a great parent, and being good to you. One thing has been easy for me is being a great wife to Todd.  This time my marriage is so much easier than the first.  Maybe because this one was meant to be.  Let me correct my statement about being easy, we have to work at it as well and we have had arguments and disagreements but this time around it is different mainly because we respect one another and have had a bad marriage and know what we have done wrong and what we have done right.  We have learned from our mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Updates with my niece and father.  Miranda has been home for a couple of weeks now.  She will continue to have episodes with her pancreas because of her type of diabetes.  My father has chosen not to see any doctors any more at all.  A lot has to do with the insurance company and the fact he is tired of hearing it is getting worse and there is nothing for them to do now for it.  I cannot say he is wrong or right.  It is his life.  What I can do is be there as a daughter to support his decisions.

Now that you all know what I have been up to, I hope you will stick around.  I will figure out how to juggle everything once again and post as I have.  I can tell you I have been enjoying reading what you all have been up to.  I do not get to everyone every day, but I do get to you weekly and read all of what I have missed.


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