Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday's Song

Yesterday I received a call from my Mother.  She wanted to let me know, my sister Katie went to visit my Dad and he was in bad shape.  My sister thought that Hospice should be taking care of him.  She tried to talk him into going to the ER but he refused.  Then my other two sisters showed up, Lisa and Amy and the three made him go to the ER.  He was retaining fluid and could hardly talk.  Of course, I left as soon as Todd arrived home from work.  I tried to go as fast as I could but not get caught because I did not want to wait two hours to see him myself.  While I was driving, my sister Amy called.  She told me what hospital and he was going to be admitted.  Long story short, He was in the ER for eight hours.  I was there for five hours with him.  The ER was so full he did not even have a room.  He was in a hall way the entire time.  They drew his blood, they gave him an EKG and they gave him medication right there in the hallway while he laid on a gurney.  They thought they were going to have to admit him to tap him and drain the fluid, but the medication worked and he peed and peed and peed loosing a lot of fluid.  They did take him for X-ray because they wanted to rule out pneumonia because he was wheezing.  He had to have an EKG because he told them he has had chest pains twice in the past week.  The fluids were so intense, he did not even have a belly button any more and all the fluids were pushing on his organs, giving him the chest pain and making him unable to talk.  I guess he has been like this for a week.  He will see his liver specialist on Monday and we will see where he goes from there.  I had all my sisters with me during most of the five hours.  It was the four of us girls in the hallway with our father.  Although it we were untied for bad circumstances it was great to be with them.  What made it great was my two middle sisters are actually getting along.  It has been nearly eight years of them feuding. 
 I think it is time we get a more updated picture of the four of us.  This song is for my sisters.  Enjoy!



  1. *squee* I love your new profile photo with Taj!
    How sweet! You are so blessed to have three sisters! Wow, I'm so jealous. I get so lonely sometimes!

    I hope your sisters all read this post!


  2. I get lonely too - I have twin sisters 8 years younger than me and they don't include me. One of them is so jealous of me she ignores me at family gatherings. Sorry to hear about your dad.


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