Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday's Song

Halloween is coming!  We go all out in decorating our yard for Halloween.  It is definitely NOT kid friendly but the not so young children love it.  We have people who bring their children with video cameras.  One year down the street there were two German exchange students, they had to stand in front of our house to take several pictures and videos to send to their friends and family in Germany.  We have made the paper for top five best Halloween decorations.  We try to pick up something new every year to add to the yard.  Here are past year's videos and post regarding our Halloween. I must not have recorded Halloween 2011.

This is song reminds me so much of my oldest. He absolutely loved the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.  When I came across this video on Facebook, I was so in awe of the light orchestra brilliance of the home owner.  Enjoy!


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