Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flashback Memory

This morning I was looking at pictures I uploaded on MySpace.  Yes, I just said MySpace.  I need to find a picture taken of me in 1988 for a Literary Friday post I have been working on.  I had scanned it but the computer died so I need to look for old sources I may have uploaded it to since our scanner does not work right now.  I found one but the picture is too tiny and does not show what I need, so that post will hold a tad longer until I get the picture scanned somehow.  However, I came across this series of photos which made me smile and laugh.  I just have to post about this memory.

One Summer in 2009.  Todd and I decided to get the slip and slide out for Joshua, Ethan, and Noah. Todd originally was working in the garden.  All of a sudden the four of them created a water game with a water ball, slip and slide, and a wading pool.  I do not think they really had rules, the objective was for the person to be able to run from the wadding pool, slide down the slip and slide and run back to the pool without out being tagged by a person with the water ball. They could not be tagged out if they were in the pool or in the tiny pool at the end of the slip and slide.  It reminds me of a game of hot box a little where the pool of water are the bases. It was kind of unfair teams, Joshua and Todd against Ethan and Noah but the four of them had a great time.  I think they played this game for a couple of hours.  The laughter of the four I can still hear by looking at the below photos. 

I cannot believe how little Ethan and Noah are in these pictures.  Now Ethan is taller than Joshua.  Todd has lost a lot of weight since then.  I just absolutely love fun memories!


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  1. Aw.. Such great memories for you - and them! You can tell they were having so much fun. :) These pics make me smile.


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