Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013 Style! Part One~The Yard.

Although I did not post this on Friday as I had hoped, here is my Halloween post for 2013.  It rained more on than off all day and  night on Halloween because of this we chose not to plug in our large strobe light or use our fog machine.  We just felt that water and electricity would not be a great mix.  We also chose not to put our casket out because it is made of cardboard and did not want to ruin it as well.  Our yard was spooky though.  We made four new ghouls for our yard.  Originally they were just stakes and a bust with arms, we chose to add them to a larger stakes and turn over some tomatoes cages for the bodies with yard fabric around the tomato cages for the body.  I really like how they turned out.  They were a nice addition to our cemetery.  We also added a new large Dracula Bat and a new Zombie Baby.  Our music was played from our computer in our bedroom.  We placed the speakers in our window since it was raining outside.
Our new Dracula bat. 
 Our graveyard before dark.
 We tied our Zombie to the mailbox this year on the other side of the sidewalk.  
Poor kids had spooky ghouls on the left and right this year.
 Our new Zombie Baby.
 Then the darkness came and the lights came out.
 The view from the top of our stairs down to the foyer.  
I loved the reflections of the jack-o-lanterns in the window.
 She's a little blurry because she shakes while she talks.
 Our two headed baby.  One head evil, the other good.
 Someone is not resting in peace tonight!
 This guy is coming to visit as well.

 The little kids had to walk past our grave yard to get to our door.
Once they reach the door they have Ms. Witch and her friends.
 They have been hanging around for a few Halloweens.
 A view inside our house.
 This was Todd's costume.  
He handed the candy out this year.
Here are a couple of videos I made this year.  The first is our new Zombie Baby.  
The second is of our yard.  Enjoy!

If you are unable to view from Blogger video, I have uploaded the videos to my Google+.



  1. Okay, can I just tell you that I would have NEVER come up your driveway! That kind of creepy stuff just freaks me out! It's SOOO scary so you did a great job! I hope you'll post when you decorate for Christmas. I'm sure that is spectacular as well. :) I can tell you're the fun neighbors.

  2. Oh WOW, Jolene. Your yard is really scary. I can see why Taj wanted to be carried out by his Papa!! :)

  3. Wow, your front yard scares me! I'm surprised that you had younger trick-or-treaters....weren't they scared?

  4. Todd would have been scary w/out that mask. That Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt is scary Can't tell I'm an Iowa State fan can ya? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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