Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013 Style! Part Two~The Kids.

This year was a little different.  I have no idea if Joshua went to any Halloween parties.  Ethan worked and did not go to any parties.  He is making plans for next year.  This is Ethan's first year of not dressing up.   It made me a little sad.  Matthew and Hannah went to a party and I have to say, I copied their picture from Facebook in order to have a picture for this Halloween.

Who are you going to call?
Noah was not able to go trick or treating this year because his school thought a concert choir was a must on Halloween.  He did go to a Halloween party however and dressed up as a spy.  I am not sure if he dressed so much like a spy in my opinion but I did think he was a cutie!

Finally you all will find out what Taj, my little Grandson, was for Halloween this year.  
 He was Woody from Toy Story and his best friend was Buzz Lightyear.  The two went trick or treating together.  He wore the hat we picked up for him in Cody, Wyoming.
 Below he just came inside.  He did not like our yard one bit!
 He kept pointing to the front door telling us he was afraid of the monsters.
 Until Papa got the candy out!
 But it did not last long.  He wanted Papa to protect him.
 Once he was in Papa's arms he started to play the hat game with Papa.
 He insisted for Papa to carry him to the car because of the monsters.
 Here is a nice picture of Kera and Taj.
 I just have to share my two little videos of him.  
The first is a video of a few lines he was going to say while he was trick or treating.

The second he was playing with Papa and then shared how he felt about the monsters.



  1. Your kids are gorgeous and Taj is ADORABLE! Noah looks like Jon Bon Jovi, for real, did you have an affair with Jon Bon Jovi? I need to know!

  2. What a cutie Taj is! He sure keeps things fun! He looks so cute in his costume - that is one of my favorite movies!

  3. Oh hon, you have a beautiful family, with your kids and adorable grandboy, well, our Lords gifts to us! They look like they all had a great Halloween! Thank you for coming sweet lady, you are so generous! Have a blessed week.

  4. I'm afraid of the monsters, too, Taj! Smart kid! He is so cute, and I love the Ghostbusters!

    I know your decor was the hit of the neighborhood. :D

  5. Taj is such a little cutie! I just love his smile 😀 Your boys are really growing up fast. Even just since I first started reading your blog. Awesome family!


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