Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Babbling

I am so excited today Taj will be over for the day. It has been a week since I have seen the little guy.  I have a fun day planned with him.  Papa and I bought some new toys for him to play with at our house along with new videos.  I picked up some pre-cut Christmas cookie dough to make cookies with him.  I will make my homemade cookies in a couple of weeks.  This was just a spur of the moment.  (If you have not seen my Wordless Wednesday yet, check it out.  I just love Kera's picture.)

Black Friday was good to Todd and I.  We are have completed our shopping for Taj, Noah, and started on each of the other children.  I am so excited to start a gift for Emily and Taj.  It will have to wait for next weekend, unless my Dad feels he is too sick for company again.  He doesn't want to make us sick and miss work he told me.  *sigh*  I wish he would not feel this way.  Our time with him is short and we know this, but what can I say, he is being a parent trying to look out for his children, even if they are adults now.

Here is what I am going to paint for Emily.
I think it is going to be fun to paint and I am so excited.    Taj's little paintings I am still trying to figure the backgrounds out but I am so excited to see them completed.

I want to make something for Matthew and Hannah too but I am having problems finding someone who can frame it exactly how I want.  I will not give up until I get what I want with it.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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