Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday's Song & Catch Up

Hello my friends!  I have missed blogging and my friends, I believe it is time to get back to blogging.  It may not be as often but I will be posting.   While I was on my little break I was dealing with a lot of emotions... sorrow for knowing the end is coming for my Father.  He has fought a long brave battle with his cancer.  The Lord has blessed me with providing the opportunity for my Dad to realize how much he was giving up for alcohol and he made amends with all of this two years prior to his diagnosis.  He became the father who cared and wanted to become the grandfather the grandchildren needed.  I am grateful during the first two years of his battle with liver cancer he experienced no pain what so ever.  My boys were able to get to know their grandfather.  Last Christmas, my boys played pool with him and they all told me how they never knew how well he played on our drive home.  I guess that would have been my fault, I never shared that with him.  I need to start sharing all the good things about him to them.  I never realized that was a good thing because while I was growing up, he did play but in the bars which kept him from his family but to my boys they were impressed.  Another emotion I have been dealing with is guilt.  Guilt that I kept my boys away from him, yet I believe if I had to do it again I would have still made the same decision at the time.  I do not want my boys to be around his violent side or drunk side.  I should have kept more of what he did wrong to myself but I wanted to use him as why they should not act that way.  I also feel some guilt for not being closer to Des Moines to help my sister with my Dad, but I know this is the place I should be.  It was a good move for me and my boys, something we all needed.

Work has been crazy as well, so busy with people taking the rest of their personal time off since it does not roll over and having one on maternity leave.  I feel like I am drowning there and cannot keep up with assisting their work which has to be done as well as mine.  The worrier in me is now some of mine is behind and I do not want it to hurt my chances for a promotion (which I think I might be getting) or raises.

I have been working out more, except this past week.  My personal trainer is great and created a great workout with weight machines for me and get this...planking.  I am not good at it and shake.  I can only do 30 seconds and it is modified to my knees.  My side planking I can only do 20 seconds and my right side is much stronger where I can even use no hands to help.

Last  Tuesday I went to another Vino Van Gogh and did a painting for Kera.  Well I am not sure...tell me what you think.  Do you think it is gift worthy?  I plan on picking up a frame for it.  She is very much into drinking wine.  Honest opinions please I am really torn on giving it or not.  You might need to click on the picture to make it larger.
While I was trying to find a parking spot for the Vino Van Gogh class another woman with a car full of people who was also going to attend the class, decided to put her car in reverse and step on the accelerator without looking in her rear view mirror and crashed into me.  I was directly behind her waiting for her to leave the parking lot.  I am thankful that it is only my bumper which received any damage at all.

Now on to my Sunday Song. I love this song and heard it playing on one of the stations in Des Moines yesterday while driving from visiting my Dad to go visit my Mom.  Although, I am not alone one bit because I have a strong support system, rough times do make people stronger.  You just have to find the right source to be able to deal. Enjoy!



  1. You shouldn't feel guilt. God placed you where you are! :D I'm so sorry you're going through such a painful time. I'll continue to pray for you and your sweet family!

    I love the painting. I'd hang it in my home! DEFINITELY gift-worthy! You are very talented!


  2. Oh sweet and lovely lady! You are a wonderful daughter and human being, so don't feel guilty, like RJ says. I feel bad you're going through taugh times with your dad's illness and other things. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will send special ptayers for you, your dad and all your family this Tksgiving week and always. Leave it all in God's hands, let HIM worry about it and rest your soul and heart. Thank you for taking your time to visit me my friend, I so appreciate it.


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