Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

In November I always do a Thankful Thursday. I typically will do my Happy List as well but the past couple of weeks have been very hard on me when it comes to reading, so I have been on the Internet and reading books very little.  It has been challenging at work as well.  I will go into that more tomorrow when I do my confessions.

Now for Thankful Thursday

Every year I have posted how I am Thankful for my husband but seriously it is deserving every year.  I am so Thankful how supportive, understanding, protective he is of me.  I have never had a male person be so much to me and devoted to me.  He is truly my soul mate and I am thankful to God every day for the past nearly nine years he has guided Todd into my life.  This man is so incredible, he took a woman (me) into his life, who had four children (and boys at that) all in different ages, one in high school, one in junior high, one in elementary, and the youngest not even in school yet.  He understood what I was leaving (the mess and the support of my Mother and a few great friends) when I moved to Iowa City.  He has become a good role model for the boys and I believe they truly understand he is here to make their life easier too.  He tries to protect me in every way he can.  I love how we are working together towards a healthier us.  It may be frustrating a little (more jealousy on my behalf) how men lose weight so much faster than women but we are doing it together.  He will go to what is generally known as “women” classes to work out with me.  Whenever I am hurt, he tries to protect me more and find ways to help me recover.  He enrolled us five years ago into a Ballroom Dance lessons class and he did not like dancing, however two weeks later he found out he enjoyed it so we finished the complete series.  Last night was our first class starting over with the series.  As we fox trotted, I would look into his eyes and see the love he has for me.  During our rest period, he would ask me with such love in his voice how my knees are holding up.  I am so blessed seriously.  I know what it is like to have someone in your life who is selfish, the connection not being there.  No matter how hard you want it to be or fantasize it, you cannot force it or those emotions if they are not there.  Although I was married to the boys’ father for 16 years (15 of it living with him as a couple) most of those years were not great.  I never asked why me and I am a true believer we are given what we have for a reason.  I am not understand why while it is going on but I can truly say it has made me appreciate the life I have now with Todd.  I am so Thankful for my husband.



  1. Your husband sounds amazing and there should truly be more out there like him.. Yay you! :)

  2. Oops!!! again competition?? "how men lose weight so much faster than women but we are doing it together".

    Kopi Luwak


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