Monday, November 18, 2013

Update and More Time Needed

I know I originally posted my break would only be one week.  Thank you for all your support.  My Mom’s surgery went through fine.  It took her five hours to recover.  She is doing better now.  At this time, I am driving to Des Moines weekly to see my Dad.  My emotions are all over the board.  I cry so easily right now but not in front of my boys.  Todd has been so supportive to me.  He is my rock.  It was a very rough week last week.  Our neighbor behind us, his daughter and Noah have been boyfriend and girlfriend off and on (more on) for the past four years.  Puppy Love beginning in elementary.  Her father committed suicide at the beginning of the week.  One of my dear friends from my old job (one of the two ladies who kept me going there) had a stroke on Thursday of last week.  My father has deteriorated a lot from Tuesday to Sunday.  He can barely walk now without a cane.  We can barely hear him speak and he is starting to rattle when he breathes.  He moves so slow.  Please do not give up on me.  Seriously, I am in no shape to blog right now.  I am sorry to my followers, I need to take more time than one week off.  I plan on turning the comments off on this post because I feel so bad for not commenting back to you within a reasonable time.  I will be back but most likely not before Thanksgiving, so to all my American blogger friends, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


He Loves Me