Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Year In Review

WoW!!!  I cannot believe the year is nearly up.  Seriously, time flies anymore.  Here is my 2013 Year in Review.


I confessed my fascination with the Amish and we (meaning Todd and I) watched four seasons of Sons of Anarchy. 


My husband sent this to me. My Valentine Post


I started a new journey.  It all began with my Confessions From Heart.   I have officially lost 52 pounds since then.

I started a new job and April brought Spring Flowers
We took Taj to Sesame Street Life. Oh how much fun that was. We plan on repeating it again in 2014.

A special little boy turned 2...Look Who's Two Now.  Which was featured on Art@Home's Weekly Round Up and Ivy and Elephant
I made a lot of decorations for his Sesame Street Birthday Party.  This post was my MOST POPULAR POST during 2013 with 577 visits as of today.  Sesame Street Center Pieces.

I celebrated My 5th Anniversary with my Prince Charming.  We celebrated it in Cody, WY.
We were on vacation, but I did my vacation post in August.  Here, however was MY FAVORITE WORDLESS WEDNESDAY Post in 2013.  
I Love the fact that my guys all have my sense of humor and they (and Emily) were all in when I suggested this pose.  
I posted Life Can Be Unfair At Times, a special tribute to my niece, Miranda
I also posted about our vacation to South Dakota, Cody, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park.

Vacation 2013~Day One/Mt Rushmore
Vacation 2013~Day One/Crazy Horse
Vacation 2013~Day Two/The Drive to Cody, Wyoming
Vacation 2013~Day Three/The Drive To/And Yellowstone National Park
Vacation 2013~Day Three/Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful
Vacation 2013~Day Three/Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park/ Back to Cody
Vacation 2013~Day Four/Cody, Wyoming
Vacation 2013~Day Five/The Drive to Custer, South Dakota
Vacation 2013~Day Five/Big Horn National Park
Vacation 2013~Day Six/Our Last Day Of Vacation

August was a log of gardening.  I also posted several recipes including veggies from our gardens.  Here is a post with some of our favorites; A Few Garden Recipes.

A lot of Canning Salsa as well as a few other tomato products
We took Kera and Taj to Wilson's Orchard.

I posted My Favorite Flashback Memory
If you read the post, just look at their faces.  They were having so much fun.
You can nearly hear the laughter.
My First two post in November was about Halloween. Our Yard
And The Kids 

I also took a couple of weeks of from blogging.  I needed the time to emotionally handle my Dad being admitted to Hospice.

I started Throwback Thursday (although I am missing the first Thursday in January)  I am going to make this a linky party.  I doubt I will have many players but it will be there for others if they wish.
December was also full of Christmas.

(Sorry, my picture is poor.)

2013 I began to paint again, it started with Brush and Barrel
Then I painted this one for Emily for Christmas.

I participated in a few SWAPS this year:


2013 was my third year blogging.  I truly enjoy this and love my followers and the friendship I have made along the way.  Thanks for hanging around with me and I hope you stick around for 2014!


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