Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Confessional

It is Friday and you all know what that means?  Yep you guessed it, time to fess up.  Come join the fun over at Aubrey's High-Heeled Love.  She host this little party every Friday.

I confess...

I am sad I was not able to complete Matthew's and Hannah's gift.  I have something specific in my head and I just was not able to find someone to cut mat board in the shapes I wanted so I will keep searching and maybe it will be a house warming gift for them next Fall when they move in with one another.  I just do not want to settle on my creative plan.  I just will not settle!

I confess...

I am thrilled with how my painting turned out for Emily.  You may remember me talking about it.  She wanted this picture set but it was sold.
I told Todd I felt I could do it and here is mine.
The chairs would not align my three canvas perfectly but they match up.  My trees are a little different and my blending is a little different but I am very pleased.  Todd is too.  I know Emily is just going to love it. 
This part is my absolute favorite.  It sort of reminds me of a painting I did for a friend back in high school and I added the poem which was in the book and movie Outsiders.  You know what?  That friend moved away and she still has my painting hung in her kitchen.  Over 30 years ago!  She just asked me if I thought I could touch it up because it has faded over the years.  It was just painted on muslin and had an embroidery hoop stretching the muslin I painted on.  Now that is golden!

I confess...

I made something special for Kera.  It is going to be a gift from Taj to his Mommy!  Of course I love it!!!
He was a little booger to get two good pictures of him with the "M".  I love the "O".  I know she is going to be thrilled with it.

I confess...

I am going to give my wine glass painting to Kera for Christmas too.
I confess...

My last crafty gift is not so crafty but it is my photo.  It is my picture of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone made into a canvas picture. 
This one is going to Joshua.  Originally I had planned to make two canvas pictures from our vacation, one for Joshua and one for Emily but after painting three 12 x 12 canvas paintings for Emily, I thought another canvas picture 11 x 13 may be too much.  I might make one for her birthday because when I showed her, she loved it.  I did something like this before for Joshua with one of his favorite scenery pictures of Spain he took and he loved it.  This canvas photo was done at Walgreens, it is okay the other was a much better quality, so when I make Todd's and Mine I know to use the other company instead. 

I confess...

I think I need to start thinking some crafty ideas for them next year.  I set the bar this year.  I was not able to complete Taj's painting sets yet but I can give it to him any time.  I cannot wait to finish them and share them with you. 



  1. Ooooo I love what you made for Kera. Taj's photos are so dang cute. She is going to flip-out when she sees it!

    You are a wonderful artist. The wine glass is so cute!

    Stay warm, my friend.


  2. Here you go, soo talented you are! I love what you made for Kera and that Little Taj is probably having Santa at his feet soon, bringing all the gifts he deserves! Thanks for your sweet visit my friend. Wishing you and yours a blessed C'mas.

  3. My dear sweet friend! It is a beautiful touching thing when someone ca share their beauty through a talent such as your! These items will be cherished now and forever!


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