Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy List

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It is time for our HAPPY LIST party hosted by Ricki Jill over at ART @ HOME.  Go on over and check out all the happiness.

This week's Happy List ...

First on my HAPPY List was Taj spending the night on Friday.  Oh it had it's challenging moments.  He is definitely in his terrible two's but there were so many great moments too.  More great than bad.  We made the mistake stopping at Walmart with him because we needed to pick up wipes for him and I needed my candy thermometer replaced.  He threw the biggest fit over wanting a toy.  My oh my, I forgot how fun two year old fits were.

Now, the fun parts were...

1.  How he snuggled with Nana when it came to bed time.  (Although Nana did not sleep well because the little booger took my side of the bed and every time I moved him he would angle his feet and kick my back or roll into me again.)
2.  Listening to him giggle.
3.  Hearing "Nana, love you" or "Papa, love you".
4.  While I am making almond bark pretzels.  Taj slowly leans in towards the bowl.  His little tongue slowly comes out with an adorable smile and licks my wooden spoon I have been using.
   Nana:  "Taj, why don't you go ahead and lick the spoon off."  (Nana not speaking but thinking because you have a running nose.)
   Taj:  "Yeah Nana!  Taj will lick the spoon."  Taj thinking (okay probably thinking) my Nana is great!
 5. "Nana, I wike (like) Nana and Papa's house.  You make good candy."  As he is licking my wooden spoon which is covered in almond bark.
6.  Watching him dip pretzels into almond bark and eating it like he was dipping chips into chip dip.
Ethan:  "Hey Taj, I said you can have one Cookie, not two."
     Taj:  "It not one cookie, Ethan.  It's three cookies." as he bites into the third snowman cookie.
8.  Taj in Papa's arms, he just finished eating one buckeye candy.
     Taj: "Shh, shh Papa!" 
     Papa quiets down.  Everyone looks at them.  Taj whispers: "I want another one."
9.  Watching Taj bust up laughing when Ethan and Noah over react when he growls at them trying to scare them.  Seriously he was laughing so hard it made us all laugh hard.
10.  Watching Taj act out and recite a line from "A Christmas Story" with Emily.  

"You're full of beans, and so's your old man."
     "Oh yeah?"
     "Says who?"
     "Says me."
     "Oh yeah?"
     "Well I double-dare you."   

At this point. Taj sticks his tongue out like Schwartz he then puts his head down to the table and acts like it is stuck.  His arms fling out and he wines...."Wah, Wah, Wah.  It's stuck.  It's stuck"

Oh my gosh!  I cannot express how hard we laughed at this.  I wish I had my camera at that moment, but I made him do it again for Papa, but he did not do it as well as the first time when he did all the actions on his own.

This kid makes us all HAPPY!!

Emily came over on Saturday while Taj was with us.  She helped me bake some Christmas goodies, as you could tell with my highlights of Taj moments.  We made buckeye candy, almond bark pretzels, and over 100 cookies which Emily, Noah, Todd, Taj, and I decorated.

 Taj was on a sugar high by this time.  
Good thing he spent the night on Friday instead of Saturday.
 Emily and her Dad having a friendly competition who can decorate Santa the best.

 Todd's is the one on top next to the star. 
Emily's is below.
 Alright about a dozen of our 100 cookies are monster cut outs from Monster Inc.  
We stuck eyeballs on mittens too, making them fun shaped monsters.
Noah took a mitten and turned it sideways making the 
"Yellow Submarine" for me since he knew I love The Beatles.

I will post recipes later this week. 

We (Todd and I) wrapped all of the presents we had on Saturday and placed them under the tree.

 The packages do not include what we picked up on Sunday and they are all of us.
How sad is that?  We have not included our sisters, or nieces and nephews, or parents yet.
 I love our tree lit up at night.  I just wish I could take a better picture of the beauty.

 Of course we have to have an Iowa Hawkeye ornament.
Our Chicago Cubs ornament broke last year.

Our Christmas tree makes me HAPPY.  I am only putting one of two trees up this year.  Going back and forth to Des Moines has put me behind with some things.  I need to finish decorating the main living room this week.

Sunday we finished all but two presents and Todd wrapped them on Monday while I was at work.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  While we were shopping we ran into Emily, her Mom, and Taj playing in the kids area. Taj's Dad could not watch him while Kera worked.  Once Taj saw his Nana and Papa he ran out of the play area yelling our names and hugged us.  Poor little guy cried when we left.  I felt bad for him, his Mamaw (He has a different name for each of us.) and Emily.   

Christmas is going to be so much fun with this little guy.

What are you HAPPY about this week? 


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  1. What fun that little guy is. I can just hear you giggling with all the antics as I read your post. I was glad to read about what you bake because I am going to post our favorite cookies too. Happy Holidays, Jolene. :-)


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