Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leibster Award

While I was on my little break two women I enjoy following nominated me for an award.

Magical Mystical Mimi and here are her questions.
1.) Have you ever been french kissed by one of your in-laws? Share the story.
Nope.  Had no desire during my first marriage and nor my current. 
2.) What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve been caught doing?
Well.  This is not G rated.  While in college, my ex-husband and I did it at a park.  We were caught getting dressed by our college female cross country team.  Yeah, that was very embarrassing.
3.) Granny panties, thong, girly briefs or commando?
Girly briefs, but I like bikinis the best.
4.) Least favorite relative. Why?
Well I have three.  I know not nice but two of them are aunts, one on my Dad's side and the other on my Mom's side.  I also have an uncle.  I cannot stand them.  I know that is horrible but they are such horrible people I do not even like to say their names.  
5.) Cook at home for the holidays or go some place else where you don’t have to clean up but you don’t have those tasty left overs either…
We do both.  Thanksgiving at my Mother-In-Laws but we bring two side dishes, the relish tray, and the dessert.  We have Christmas Eve at our house with Todd's side of the family and then we go to Des Moines on a weekend near Christmas because we typically have to work Christmas Eve and Todd works most Christmas days too.
6.) Name your favorite 80′s song and tell me the memory that goes with it.
This is too difficult.  I grew up in the 80's. Too many memories, so I will just pick one.  Go Go's We Got The Beat.  Memory is being in one of my girlfriend's bedroom with three others and we all pretended we were the Go Go's and sang into hairbrushes, playing air guitars, or air drums singing and dancing in front of her mirror.
7.) Did you have a nickname in school? What was it?
Jo.  I had one friend call me JoBo, she still does.
8.) What’s your road rage word or phrase. Example, my little sister calls everyone a cock bite when they pull out in front of her.
Are you freakin' serious?  Doofus! 
9.) It’s 3am, you can’t sleep. What are you doing?
Reading my Nook, with the light dim trying not to wake up my husband.
10.) How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie pop?
 I did this once it took me 25 until I finally bit the darn thing.

 Also Brown, Party of Chaos and here are her questions, 11 Random Facts about yourself.  I am going to try to provide facts I do not think I have shared before. 

1.  I caused a house fire about a month prior to my 16th birthday.  My parents split up and my aunt told me it was all my fault because if I was never born, then my parents would have never married.  Yep, not a nice thing to say to a kid.  This stress and guilt (my Father was abusive back then) I forgot about my curling iron which was next to my bed on a night stand.  I had several things plugged into the extension cord, so between the cord and being left on, a fire started while we were at school.  My sister Lisa and I shared bedrooms and we lost everything.  The fire mainly stayed in our room but smoldered all day making many things smoked damaged.  Now the one thing I want to share is I did have one thing make it through the fire in our bedroom.  On my dresser was a white Bible.  The back was only smoke damaged, the book could be read still and one could see the gold leaf edges on the pages.

2.  I have been suicidal twice in my life.  Once the year after the fire and the other about two months after my divorce was finalized.  I checked myself into a day treatment center for the second time.  I needed to become healthier for my boys.  They are the reason I did not follow through.  I do not want to judge people who feel suicidal because depression is an awful place, but life is worth living.  Some day I plan to post more about this time in my life... just not right now.  Now, I use the techniques I was taught when i start to feel a little blue to avoid depression.  Plus life is good to me, although I am going through some tough times dealing with my Father's health.  I would not ever think of doing this again.  I wish I could help others understand depression is a sickness and sometimes it is not just as easy as get busy.

3.  My Father has earned a second chance.  I am glad he wanted to have his children and grandchildren in his life prior to being diagnosed with cancer.  I am very grateful for that.

4.  This time of year is was my favorite time of year to play the piano.  I used to be decent and Christmas music is the best.  Now, I have a hard time even reading the sheet music and make so many mistakes.  I really have not played since my Senior year 1985.  I have the piano in my house now, but I have to re-teach myself.

5.  I am starting to like what I see in the mirror.  My body is changing and I am happy with what I am seeing.  Maybe I am not ugly like I thought.  I am okay with being average, sometimes I get a glimpse of the old Jolene back in  junior high school days, just a larger still. 

6.  I really want to take some gourmet cooking classes.  I have to admit I love watching cooking channels while Todd is at work.  I love to find new recipes and tricks to make me look like I am a great cook.  I have been cooking since I was 13 years old.  My Mother made my sister Lisa and I alternate nights Monday through Friday cooking dinner after my sister Amy was born.  We would have to have a full meal ready by the time they came home from work.   The first time I made spaghetti was so comical.  My poor family.  I was doing my homework while the noodles were cooking.  I never stirred the noodles at all.  My Mom was not happy and was disciplining me but my Dad spoke up and told her to stop, it was the best spaghetti he had ever eaten.  He said this while he forked a nearly inch of spaghetti stuck together.  He just winked at me and told me maybe I should wait until after dinner to do homework from now on.

7.  I had no desire to learn how to drive.  The first time I drove with my family when I had my permit I nearly hit our mailbox. This caused a fight between my parents, it was my Dad who told my Mom to calm down.  I did not drive again until two years later and they signed me up for Driver's Education during Summer School.  They would ask me to sign up for it during the school year, but I never made room for it.  I thought if I never took the class then I would never have to drive.  WRONG!  I was so mad when I had to waste my time during the Summer and go to school for driving.  However, once I had my car I loved to drive. It gave me freedom.

8. I am a believer but I do not go to church.  I used to.  I used to be Nazarene until I was in 3rd grade.  Then my family switched and we all became Baptist.  I have to say the Baptist did a great job teaching the Bible stories and the Bible.  I loved my church and enjoyed going every opportunity we had.  I even belonged to a club called AWANA.  Then when my parents split and started their divorce and our fire happened something happened at church.  My sister and I were in the youth group and I heard the people in our youth group talk about us.  How we wore the same dress every week.  {Well yes we did.  You all even donated it to us after our fire.}  What disturbed me was even some of our leaders would comment with them.  I hated going to that class after that, so I asked my Mom to go to Sunday School with her but she told me I would not like it but she gave in and allowed me to go with her.  I was so offended how they were shunning her.  Seriously??  Christians should not act that way.  Later I became Methodist when I married the boys' father.  I loved that church too.  It was a great community, only I let my ex-husband have that church because there was a no contact order and I felt he needed church more than I did.  I thought I could always find another.  I was wrong.  Every one I went to I felt like an outcast, so I gave up searching.  I know there are some good churches but unfortunately there so many passing judgement.  I study at home now.

9.  I hate motorcycles.  My father was seriously injured on one and I do not want any of my boys or Todd owning one.  I know I cannot make them but it will always be against my well wishes.

10.  I taught myself how to drive a stick shift.  I had no choice.  I had one week to learn before I went back to college.  My Mom tried to teach me but it was dark and there was no dome light.  {insert laughter here.}  She thought I could learn my touching her legs while she drove.  I ended up just hopping in and driving it to Indianola for a job interview.  I did a good job only killed it once, however I needed someone to help me put it in reverse when it came to come home.  I felt so sorry for the farmer.  I was bawling. 

11.  I absolutely love how my husband cares for me.  Okay, that is nothing new.  I am just running out of random facts to provide.  I feel like I won the lottery when God provided him in my life.  My family means everything to me.  My boys were who kept me together prior to Todd.  His daughters mean a lot to me as well as that special grandson of mine.  I am totally addicted to Taj.

There you have it.  I am supposed to nominate others but we all are so busy with the holidays.  If you want to join in, just let me know and I will send you a list of questions as well.



  1. Repeat after me - "I Jolene am NOT ugly. I Jolene am absolutely gorgeous and I rock!" - Say that a bazillion times a day and smile when you do it! <3

    1. Thank you for all of your support!


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