Friday, December 20, 2013

Literary Friday

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I am participating with Ricki Jill's from Art @ Home , weekly party  Literary Friday. You should go over to her blog and check out all of the other book reviews.

Barnes and Noble has Free Friday Nook Book.  Todd and I have downloaded a few of these free books and the book Slide just happened to be one of them.  Todd read it first while I was reading The Aviator's Wife.  You can read my comments about it by clicking here.  He felt it was interesting and he typically researches the authors after finishing the book.  I was eager to read it once I heard about the author, Jill Hathaway.  She is a high school teacher in Des Moines. The actual city I grew up in.  I was so curious to find out what high school she teaches in.  Could it be my Alma mater Lincoln High?  I was so curious that I began to follow her on Facebook.  None of the articles mentioned which high school she teaches. The author went to college in Ames, Iowa State University (Okay, I will not hold that she is a Cyclone against her since I am in the center of Hawkeye country.)  Her book Slide is based in the Iowa City.  Yeah, where I live.  The main character Vee goes to school East High, well there is no high school named East, we have City High and West High, so it made me wonder, is she a teacher at East High in Des Moines.  My parents went to school there and Matthew went to ninth grade there before we moved to Iowa City.   My detective skills (because it was really bugging me, he he he) worked by being her follower on Facebook.  She talked about Homecoming week at the school she teaches..BINGO

...Lincoln High School, exactly where I went to high school and graduated.  I love all the connections with the author.

Vee Bell is the main character.  She is not a very popular kid in high school.  She actually does not like to draw attention to herself but she does because she has episodes.  Everyone believes she is narcoleptic but when Vee has her episodes, she is not actually sleeping.   She slides into somebody else and experience what they are doing at that time.  She sees and hears everything as if she was that person.  She sees sides of people she does not even want to know or sometimes changes her feelings about that person.  She never knows what is going to set her off or when.  When the episodes do occur, she slides into a person who just happened to touch something that Vee happens to be touching at that moment.

She lost her best female friend because of sliding.  She saw her friend do nothing to help her out when Vee really needed it.  The worse was to come though.  She slid into the body of someone who murdered one of her sister's friends.  She was in the mind of the person who was holding the bloody knife and staged it as Sophie killing herself.  Only person who knew it was not suicide was Vee and the murder.  She cannot share her secret because when she tried to tell her father about her ability he sent her for mental help.  Vee must find a way to solve the murders because she fears her sister may be next.  Will she be able to solve the mystery?  You will have to find out by reading the book.  

It is a quick read, only 250 some pages.  Jill Hathaway naturally has a sequel to it.  I was very impressed with it being a "free" book.  I will definitely look for the sequels. 


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  1. I always enjoy reading books where there's a connection, too. Very cool! Did you know that Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games) is an alumna of the Alabama School of FIne Arts, where Shanley Belle attended/graduated from HS??? :D

    Thanks for linking-up. I got a free book @ Lifeway last week, but I haven't read it yet...been too busy canning! ;P



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